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  1. While the actions described are obviously not legal why would you think most BIFF are not Filipino citizens?
  2. Have you tried adding gelatin to the souse?
  3. There are designated places to sit comfortably, watch sports, and have a refreshing beverage whr six while your wife shops. They're generally referred to as "bars".
  4. My go-to store-bought cigars are the Independencia double coronas and the Tabacalera panetelas.. Can't go wrong with either.
  5. Honestly I'm not really sure but it would seem self-defeating if they destroyed the hives. Next time they harvest honey I'll strap on my GoPro, make a video, and find out... ...just for you Paul. .
  6. We get local Filipinos asking permission all the time to harvest honey on our mountain. There's a healthy bee population up there as well as Oriental honey buzzards that feed on the bees their larvae.
  7. I find it odd they make an exception for Davao what with the bombings there. Many places in Mindanao are, to my mind, safer for travel than 'urban' Davao.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I would urge all BPI card-holders to go to the mall immediately and check the balance on all their ATM cards. Apparently if you check your balance 10 or 20 times in a row your account balance will be corrected in your favor.
  9. In the case of these Marawi people in Dumaguete perhaps they fit the UNHCR definition of IDPs... "Internally displaced people (IDPs) have not crossed a border to find safety. Unlike refugees, they are on the run at home. While they may have fled for similar reasons, IDPs stay within their own country and remain under the protection of its government, even if that government is the reason for their displacement. As a result, these people are among the most vulnerable in the world." http://www.unhcr.org/internally-displaced-people.html
  10. No, you don't have to be married to buy property here. You can buy property for any Filipino citizen of your choosing.
  11. Whelp, don't forget the procedure because when your friend burns through the whopping '1.5GB of consumable mobile data' in a day or so.. you'll be doing it again.
  12. Still, good pictures and info. Nice to see a market report (for a change). Thanks for the post.
  13. I thought bananas were like 30-40 per kilo. 164 seems very high. Was that a typo or am i behind the times?
  14. I've been toying with the idea of late, too. We did get a big shipment of bamboo recently ( for another purpose) that's supposed to be some special bok-bok resistant kind. I'll have to ask for the name. I can only see building something like this as a hilltop get-away to take advantage of a view and (like you said) a nice breeze. Can't imagine doing it as a primary residence however.
  15. Executive summary: She... A.) called the cops on him. B.) Settled the issue C.) then followed him because she wanted him jailed And then D.) did not pursue to file a harassment case.