Brown Sunwell Leather Set


Brown Sunwell Leather Set

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP boss drops from Sunwell Plateau
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires assistance

How to get the set:
Four of the five major items in this set are straight-forward boss drops from Sunwell Plateau with no specific class requirements to wear them. There are additionally three pieces of the extended Rogue Tier 6 set which fit this appearance perfectly and also drop from Sunwell bosses: Slayer’s Belt, Slayer’s Bracers and Slayer’s Boots, which are of course only available to rogues.

The fifth item, the chestpiece, is purchased from Yrma <Transmuter of Sin’dorei Relics> on the Island of Quel’Danas. Yrma will exchange the chest with you at the cost of one Sunmote and one specific Sunwell boss drop.

Gathering the set pieces will require a raid group, even of level 85 characters, as many of the Sunwell encounters are particularly challenging, or have mechanics requiring multiple players.

HeadDuplicitous Guise (BoP from Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau)
ShouldersShoulderpads of Vehemence (BoP from Lady Sacrolash & Grand Warlock Alythess in Sunwell Plateau)
ChestBladed Chaos Tunic (Exchanged for 1 Sunmote and Harness of Carnal Instinct, from M’uru/Entropius in Sunwell Plateau)
GlovesShadowed Gauntlets of Paroxysm (BoP from M’uru/Entropius in Sunwell Plateau, in Sunwell Plateau)
LegsLeggings of the Immortal Night (BoP from Felmyst in Sunwell Plateau)

An alternative chestpiece for this set is Carapace of Sun and Shadow, which is created by leatherworkers using Pattern: Carapace of Sun and Shadow. Likewise, there are matching leatherworked gloves, the Gloves of Immortal Dusk, created with Pattern: Gloves of Immortal Dusk. Both patterns are rare drop from random Sunwell trash mobs, however, it should be noted that not only are the patterns rare, but the items they create are also BoP, and thus only available to leatherworkers.


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5 Responses to “Brown Sunwell Leather Set”

  1. Guest says:

    For non rogues try S8 (wrathful) off-set pieces.

    Fits this set very good

  2. Evan says:

    I am in dire need of boots that match this set for my troll monk Protostout Bleeding Hollow Us

  3. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion the Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape goes really well with this set.

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