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What is church?

Church is an organization of people who join to worship a god, they read the bible and sing prayers and they have to sometimes give an amount of money to help the chruch stay (MORE)

What was church like in 1960's?

Ladies always wore hose, some still wore hats and gloves, men wore ties, polished their shoes....they sang hymns, sometimes more casual songs on Sunday nights. Pants for women (MORE)

What are churches?

Churches are places for public worship. It is a building which has been dedicated and consecrated for the purpose of offering up your sacraments to God. It is a place where yo (MORE)

What is a church?

A church refers either to a Christian house of worship in which  religious services take place, or, on a broader scale, a group of  Christians as a spiritual community.
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What is in a church?

A church contains... -an altar=another word for a communion table, it is where sacrifices are placed as offerings to God -an organ=an organ is a big piano to play hymns at -c (MORE)

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