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Lucy is settling into paid work helping to supervise lunchtimes at Kiddi Caru Day Nursery in Exeter.

Lucy Persent front cover

She is achieving this with the support of her colleagues, and the skills and confidence she has developed with our Specialist Employability Support (SES) team.

Lucy’s outgoing personality is a great asset to a role that involves lots of interaction with children and adults, but she has also overcome challenges to become more independent and confident in the workplace.

Lucy has a learning disability and our team worked with her on areas such as CV-writing and job interviews, developing numeracy and literacy, building her confidence in using public transport independently, and gaining work experience in a busy environment.

Gaining independence

Lucy says: “It’s been an interesting journey for me. When I started the SES programme I was a bit nervous. I started improving my skills and meeting new people and it all helped to improve my confidence.  I started making my own lunch and catching the bus on my own into town. I’m now trying to do more things for myself.”

Lucy’s role includes helping to supervise two and three-year-old children at lunchtime, interacting with them, helping them with their food, making toys available, keeping the area clean, and logging anything different in the children’s behaviour for her colleagues.

Feeling settled

Lucy says: “I’ve settled in really quickly. The nursery staff are lovely and very supportive if I’m stuck on something. They have made me feel part of the family.

“It was tricky coming out of my comfort zone but now I’m here I feel safe and happy. It’s great to be back working with children because that’s what I have experience in. I find it quite challenging but interesting. Every child is different.

“St Loye’s gave me the opportunity to try different things and see what skills I have. I have learned about who I am as a person. I love working with children and feel this is where I belong.”

More about SES

Specialist Employability Support (SES) is a government programme to enable people with disabilities to find and stay in work. How it works

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