saving money piggy bankProtection Plans That Actually Save You Money

Most people know they should maintain their furnace and air conditioner by having it tuned up every year. It helps with efficiency and makes your equipment last longer.

But some people don’t invest in a Protection Plan because they don’t know if it makes financial sense.

The Air Quality Dunrite Total Protection Plan gives you $340 – $590 worth of services and products. That’s ALMOST FREE – even if nothing goes wrong with your furnace or air conditioner.

What If This Happened To You…

couple freezing in the cold

It’s the Coldest Day of the Year …

…and your furnace breaks down. Your technician looks worried as he tells you an important part needs to be replaced and it’s going to cost almost $900! This is an expense you just hadn’t planned for.

You know that without your furnace not only will your family be uncomfortable, but you risk having your plumbing freeze and burst as well. That could mean thousands of dollars in flooding damage.

You need to get this repair done, but it means you have to cancel your vacation or put off buying that new flat screen TV.

Happy family enjoying dinner in home


You happen to be a Total Protection Plan member. With our plan, all repairs up to $1,000 are FREE.

This covers the vast majority of issues.

We also offer a SILVER Tune-Up Only Plan for people who just want to maintain their system and ensure it is operating safely and efficiently.

Here’s What You Get

SILVER Tune-Up Coverage Plan

Furnace + AC Coverage Only $19.97 Per Month
  • $340 – $590 Value
    PLUS Additional Energy Efficiency Savings
    PLUS Longer Equipment Life Expectancy
  • FREE 21-Point AC Safety and Efficiency Check AND 19-Point Furnace Check
    $240 Value ($120 for each)
  • First Filter FREE
    $20 to $70 Value Depending on Your Unit
  • All Other Filters 50% Discount
    Save Up to $280 for 4 Filter Changes
  • $59 Diagnostic Service
    Save $41
  • Fast Appointments Within 48 Hours
    Often Less!
  • Coverage for Any Model No Matter How Old

Just want to cover your furnace OR your AC? Pay only $21.95 per month.


Why Roll the Dice?

When it comes to taking chances with your cooling and heating system, putting off maintenance is one bet you will always lose.

Your furnace and air conditioner are machines. They need fresh filters every few months just like your car needs an oil change. They also need a complete cleaning and inspection only a licensed technician can provide. If you don’t keep your equipment clean, it will work harder and fail sooner…usually on the hottest day of the year.

What About Doing Tune-Ups Every 2-3 Years Rather Than Every Year?

You may think that you can save money by skipping one and having your system tuned up every second or third year. And while you will save money on the annual cost of the protection plan, if you require more than 1 service call during the year, you will be spending more than if you were a protection plan member. We want to keep our clients comfortable in the most affordable way possible. Our GOLD Protection Plan was designed to do just that.

But I Don’t Use My Air Conditioner That Much – Why Do I Need a Protection Plan?

If you skip a year of AC maintenance, it actually hurts your furnace.

Here’s why. The blower motor in your furnace controls all of the air circulation in your home, both for heating and cooling. Part of your air conditioner sits in the ductwork above the furnace. If the indoor part of the air conditioner becomes clogged with dust and debris (see picture below), it will restrict the airflow throughout your entire home. This  will not only make you less comfortable from the lack of air, but it will also cause your furnace to work harder, overheat and possibly fail.

So it can be the hottest day of the year or the coldest day of the year and you can be left without heating or cooling. All because your air conditioner is not being maintained on a yearly basis.

Prove It!

Here are just three examples. These are real photos taken in the field by our technicians.

dirty furnace blower

Dirty Furnace Blower (Pushes Air into Ductwork)

This is what happens when you don’t change your furnace filter regularly. Dirt will get by and coat the blower. As a result:

  • You will continuously breathe in dust and pollutants with a dirty blower.
  • Your motor will seize prematurely – this will be an expensive repair, typically $600+.

dirty air conditioner evaporator coil

Dirty Evaporator Coil (Indoor Part of Air Conditioner)

This is the indoor part of your air conditioner. It is suppose to take the heat from inside the house and transfer it outside to the condenser. It cannot do that very well when it is plugged and covered with debris. A dirty coil will do three things:

  • Restrict airflow causing furnace to work harder, overheat and fail prematurely.
  • Diminish comfort in home by reducing airflow out of ducts.
  • Increase your electrical bill.

dirty air conditioner condenser

Dirty Condenser (Outdoor Part of Air Conditioner)

This is the outdoor part of your air conditioner. It is suppose to release the heat from inside the house to the outside of the house. It cannot do that very well when it is plugged up and covered with debris. A dirty condenser will do two things:

  • Increase your electrical bill because it has to work longer and harder to cool your home.
  • Cause premature failure of your air conditioner.

Save Time – Save Money – Save Stress

Shouldn’t some things in life be easy? Air Quality Dunrite’s protection plans let you and your family Breathe Easy!

They are convenient. We schedule your annual tune-up for you. With our Total Protection plan, you don’t wait for appointments if you ever need a repair.

Protect Yourself Now

More Great Ways to Save: Plan Additions

Get additional low-cost coverage for your other home comfort equipment for just a few dollars a month:

  • Condensate Pump – only $3.16 per month.
  • Humidifier – only $5.97 per month.
  • Filter or Electrostatic Air Cleaner – only $6.97 per month.
  • Natural Draft or Power Vented Water Heater – only $9.95 per month.
  • HEPA Air Cleaner – only $14.97 per month.
  • Hot Water Tank – only $14.97 per month.
  • Tankless Water Heater – only $19.97 per month.

Want coverage for a second visit by a technician? No problem – it’s only $5.35 per month.

Full Disclosure – Here’s the Fine Print

Download our order form containing all of the fine print >

Why Should You Get an Air Quality Protection Plan?

Protection Plans

  • Reduced risk of costly breakdowns – The annual tune-ups included in your Air Quality Protection Plan will help catch any potential problems before they turn into major repairs.
  • Increased energy efficiency & reduced energy bills – Annual tune-ups help increase the energy efficiency of furnace and air conditioners by up to 30%. This can add up to thousands of dollars.
  • Quality, guaranteed priority service – When you sign up for a Air Quality Protection Plan through Air Quality Dunrite you receive priority service. Additionally, all repairs are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of service.
  • Ensures safe operation of your equipment – Heating and cooling equipment that is not regularly maintained can lead to unsafe operation such as high levels of carbon monoxide or fire hazards.
  • Never forget a tune-up – We keep track of when you are due for your annual tune-ups and give you a call to set up an appointment that is convenient for you.

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