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Besides writing programming tips as well as webmastering and web design tips, some of which are offered under Creative Commons license, I also play piano, and offer free music downloads, also under a Creative Commons license.

If you live near Portland, Oregon, or Vancouver or Seattle, Washington, check my concert schedule from time to time, maybe you can catch a live performance.

You can obtain a Free as in Freedom copy of my Compact Disc at my performances.

I also wrote quite a popular article back in July 2003 about legal music downloads offered by many of us independent artists.

I am dead certain that the phenomenal success of Apple's iTunes Music Store, as well as the ready availability of non-DRMed paid music downloads, is the direct result of my article being Google's top hit for legal music downloads for about eight years.

A while back the RIAA put up its own Legal Music Downloads index, but all the links were to RIAA Member Labels, all of which are paid downloads, most of which use DRM.

I have no problem with requiring payment to download one's music - if you offer so much as one complete track of your music for direct HTTP for FTP download, then I'll be happy to link you in return for your reciprocal link from anywhere on your own site - my backlink need not be on your homepage nor your download link.

But I do have a problem with DRM, as well as with incomplete "preview" downloads.

The RIAA's Legal Music Download page was #2, directly under my own #1, for maybe three or four months then it quite mysteriously disappeared!


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The Apple Tax

The video doesn't work on my new Mac Mini. I don't think it's the monitor or HDMI/VGA adapter as they work on my Acer notebook.

I have an appointment to take it into the Portland Apple Store Wednesday evening. I fear they will demonstrate that the video works, and I'll have to purchase a new monitor. I want one anyway but I don't want to spend the money right now.

Work is Going Well

I got a contract to write OS X drivers for a fabless semiconductor firm that previously supported only Windows and Linux. There have been a few days that I was filled with self-doubt, but in the long run I've produced good results. The client is quite happy with me.


With Kuro5hin gone, and Don't Sue Me Bro following it, I don't know what to do with myself. I had planned to spend the afternoon playing with my new Mini but then the video is out.


If you're unfamiliar with it give a listen of Radio Paradise. I've been a loyal listener for many years.
Kuro5hin is Dead; Long Live Kuro5hin

I used to blog quite a bit at Advogato but then I discovered Kuro5hin. Even so I was never really gone, returning to post the occasional paranoia manifesto.

When Kuro5hin was about to die Del Griffith set up Don't Sue Me Bro. That's not a link for a very good reason. It's gone to but there is a... uh... "placeholder".

I'm on FaceBook and Soylent News but I always project a positive message there. Where can I reveal my cynical side?

My obsession with writing seems to be gone. Perhaps it will come back when my depression lifts. Maybe it's best that I don't write anymore.

Good News

I've gotten a contract writing Mac OS X drivers for a fabless semiconductor company. Their products presently only work on Windows and Linux.

They're good people there. Really that's what matters to me the most - that I'm working for good people. The money isn't such a bid deal provided I'm paid fairly for some reasonable definition of "fair".

Bad News

I'd be at work right now but I've got a cold. It seems to help to go out each day so I came to Starbucks to have some tea. Usually I drink coffee but coffee has been hard on my stomache lately so I'm drinking tea instead.

New Toys Real Soon Now

I had to ask my client to let me use their Macs as my macbook pro died, and I haven't had the cash to replace it. I'm very pleased that they agreed.

It's been tough to advertise myself as a Mac programmer without actually owning a Mac. To some extent I could use a Hackintosh but I've had limited success.

I'd really like to purchase a new MacBook Pro but there is lots of life left in the cheap-n-nasty Aspire Aspire I bought to replace my dead MacBook Pro. Really a Mac Mini is all I require.

In December I realized that I was badly depressed, so I asked my psychiatrist to prescribe imipramine. As a very old antidepressant, it is not commonly used anymore, but my experience is that it works well for me.

I haven't been able to find work so what little money I get, I earn by singing on the street for tips. I had a setback when I got bronchitis, and could not raise the money for bus fare to get to my pharmacy. That led to my getting depressed again.

I went to the emergency room, they set me up with one dose and a bus ticket. Now I'm back on track. For quite a long time, I would get into these really foul states of mind. Now it has been two or three weeks since the last time that happened.

I can tell that I'm still somewhat depressed but in general life is a lot better. Antidepressants are always slow to take effect. One has to establish new patterns in one's life.
Is Sanity Such A Good Thing

Not long ago all of my obsessions disappeared, leaving me with nothing to do. I'm really bored.
16 Feb 2016 (updated 16 Feb 2016 at 22:34 UTC) »

In early December I realized I was getting quite depressed. I'd lost interest in everything, I was sleeping too much, I was no longer studying my shiny new guitar. I asked my psychiatrist for imipramine, which is a very old antidepressant and so not commonly used anymore, but my experience is that it works well for me.

For one thing I courted the woman I would later marry while taking imipramine. She divorced me when I was not taking it. Would antidepressants have saved our marriage?

It mostly works well, but every antidepressant takes a long time to take effect. A few days ago I took up the study of Javascript, then pulled a Conway's Life implementation right out of my ass. It felt good to be writing code again.

But today, despite knowing there are many ways I could occupy my time, I have no interest in anything. Just now I'm telling myself This Will Soon Pass.

I'm expecting a Mac OS X driver contract soon; it was to have already started but there have been some delays while their windows people do some manner of workaround, which workaround it is expected I will use. It would be good to be back to work.

It's not about the money, it would be about having some purpose other than to make it to meals at the soup kitchens on time.

Never Say Die

After some scouting around I assigned myself a Haiku ticket. I'm just going to silence some warnings, but there are lots of programs that need that. This will be a good way to get back into Haiku development.

I've only contributed in very modest ways so far but I'd like to do a lot more.

Haiku is mostly written in C++. C++ has a bad reputation, but it's my favorite language. It's just that you need to write C++ the way C++ wants to be written. If you follow the naive advice to use it as "A Better C" you will never get the bugs out.

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