Is There a Mandatory Reporter in the House?

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I haven't had a whole lot of luck getting anyone at Adult Protective Services to respond. I received just one email to say that a social worker would call me on the phone to handle my mother's APS intake, but after I responded that I was out of minutes and so must do it via email, I haven't heard back from them.

From time to time a Mandatory Reporter will agree with me that they are obligated to file a Mandatory Report. I expect that's what Mandatory Reporters are for: to agree that they would be imprisoned were they not to file.

Oddly those Mandatory Reports are never filed yet the Mandatory Reporters are never prosecuted.

Just now I quite bluntly confronted my mother regarding my father's murder. She administered at least six caplets of Extra Strength Tylenol per day - quite likely more than six - for at least two years, perhaps three, as Tylenol was modestly effective for Dad's Shingles, which later progressed into Neuralgia.

This despite that he had Hepatitis twice during his life from eating tainted shellfish.

When Dad's doctor ordered a CAT Scan of his liver to determine whether the hardened lump in it could be cancer or just Cirhosis, Mom flatly refused to permit it "Because his insurance doesn't cover CAT scans".

When Dad's doctor ordered a CAT Scan of his liver to determine whether the hardened lump in it could be cancer or just Cirhosis, Mom flatly refused to permit it "Because his insurance doesn't cover CAT scans".

"Mom, how much would that CAT Scan cost if you paid cash for it?"

"A thousand dollars."

"So why won't you let Dad's doctor scan his liver?"

"Because his insurance doesn't cover it."

"Mom, how much money do you and Dad have in the bank? Spending just one thousand dollars of that money could well save his life."

I don't know whether he got the scan or not as Mom refused to discuss it after that.

The Clark County Medical Examiner had no record of my father's death as his physician claimed that Dad died of natural causes. The Examiner's clerk referred me to the Battle Ground Police Department. Detective Kelly agreed to investigate but that's the last I ever heard of it.

I figure I could light a fire under Deputy Kelly by writing an affidavit then requesting the Clark County Court Clerk to take it as a Sworn Statement. I did that once in Canada for some reason having to do with my immigration; the Colchester County Clerk had a very, very old leather-bound Bible reserved just for sworn statements but in These United States we don't swear on Bibles anymore, let alone stacks of them.

I'll deliver my sworn statement personally to Inspector Hammond of the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, send it registered mail, return receipt requested to the Clark County Grand Jury, as well as to each member of the US Federal Food and Drug Administration and the Washington State Attorney General.

My Bad: they're all Mandatory Reporters too. See how the system is stacked against me? Paranoia you know maybe I haven't been taking my medicine.

At least Hepatic Encepalopathy is a pretty decent way to go, but I remain completely overcome with grief that when Dad quite cheerfully rang me up in Owl's Head, Maine to let me know that RIGHT NOW would be a good time for my last visit home, I was busted flat as I underbid a job and so had no money for plane fare.

Mom said she would cover it. I begged her desperately for a one-way Red Eye flight out of Boston that same night, which would have been quite cheap, but no, my mother has always been quite thrifty so she paid at least twice, perhaps three times as much money for two week advance notice on a round-trip ticket at ten o'clock on a Monday morning.

By the time I made it to my father's side he was completely paralyzed and so unable to speak.

If you knew someone close to you were to die soon, what would you do?

What I wish I had done with my father was to ask him why, in my entire life, I have never been so much as permitted to meet my own brother?

I know what Brother Chuck looked like in 1979 as my father went to visit my brother when his circus passed through California. Dad did not ask me to go with home, for no reason I can fathom I did not request to meet my brother. By then I knew it was just expected of me that I would know I was not permitted to.

Jeannie doesn't even remember that we have an older brother, despite that she is three years older than me and so was old enough that she should still remember that he used to come visit our grandparent's home in Grass Valley, California when we were there. I only know of this because Aunt Peggy remember's Chuck very fondly.

The one time I ever convinced Jean to speak of him she assured me that I was thinking of Cousin Chuck.

Oddly Cousin Chuck doesn't remember Brother Chuck either. Cousin Chuck is my father's older brother's son, Cousin Chuck is Donna's son. Donna was my father's first wife, my mother and Jean's mother is Pat, our father's second wife.

Mom names Brother Chuck in her will for the specific purpose of cutting him completely out of it. What that means is that if something happens to me before I can somehow find my brother, he gets nothing whatsoever of his own father's legacy, nor of his paternal grandparents.

My intention when I find my brother is to give him my father's triangularly-folded Stars and Stripes as well as my father's sword. He had two swords, Jeannie has the other, Mom will be passing Dad's second sword onto me before she leaves for Spokane week after next.

There are many other things I want my brother to have but most important is that he gets my father's flag and my father's sword.

I will say that I do have the comfort that I was able to ask my father but one final question.

He answered that one last question by slowly closing, then opening both of his eyes.

I said goodbye to my father then, then left the room.

My father went to Davy Jones' Locker in the arms of his beloved wife early the following morning, Mother's Day of 2003.

He was but sixty-eight years old.

I myself gave one of two eulogies at his funeral, the other a vaguely religous eulogy delivered by an Interdenomination Minister who in my understanding never met my father while he was still alive.

My father now lay in Willamette National Cemetery just off Interstate 5 South of Portland. Please pay him a visit he must be very lonely there.

Our nation's Vietnam Veterans do not even get their own highway sign, the exit off I-5 reads "Korean War Memorial".

Have A Nice Day.



Your Servant,

El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Miguel de la Chula Vista

+1 (503) 688-8345

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