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Doug Nassaur watch is a place to collect information
about this person, and his business activities.

December 2011 this person seems to have had some unpleasant dealings with Doug and a relative "Barbara":

He is currently "President and CEO" of
TrueNorthTechnology. As former Linuxcare CEO Art Tyde says,BEWARE.

16 December, 2005 Another article turns up
casting Doug in a favorable light:
An anonymous person says that: "the datacenters that he says he has are actually based on a relationship with a datacenter provider and he only has equipment deployed to 1 of their centers in a cage. Slashed headcount..... he's recently lost 2 senior managers including David Williamson his #1 guy"

14 June, 2005 And another article related to Sun:

4 November 2004 Doug and True North Technologies have surfaced again, this time as a partner of Tarantella:

6 February 2004 Doug quoted again in the press, in an article by Paula Rooney about the SCO controversy:

"SCO is right. IBM is trying to steal the code under the cloak of open source," said Douglas Nassaur, president and CEO of True North Technology, a Sun Microsystems partner based in Alpharetta, Ga. "IBM supports open source and hopes SCO gets hijacked so they can steal it. At that point, IBM won't need the open-source community or SCO because they'll have the code."

9 July 2003 Doug still seems to have good relations with someone at Sun/in the press, as he was quoted for this article:

4 April 2003 Doug will be participating in a
technology related "chalk
together with representatives from Sun Microsystems at a professional golf tournament.

2 January 2003 Several anonymous correspondents sent email to talk about Doug's activities:

I must say I was VERY surprised to find out he landed some pretty important management/technical positions (he was in his early 20's when I met him, and I don't think he even took any college-level classes), and was also intrigued by how many piles of flaming wreckage he appears to have left in his path. Not surprised, though. I could tell you many 'Doug' stories that would amaze but probably not surprise you.
I use to work for Doug at ETRADE. I sometimes go out and search for his name to see what kind of damage he is doing and where.

7 October 2002 Heard from an individual who had some dealings with Doug, who was working for a large soft-drink firm in Atlanta, and subsequently moved to fire Doug for breach of contract. Terms like "false statements" (he lied about having a degree, for instance), "violation of NDA" and "intimidation" were involved.

27 November 2001 In the wake of the Anthrax terror attacks, Doug turns up right away withan initiative to make money off of the situation: href="">

April 2001 Here is a story about Doug's time at
Look towards the end of the article, under "More than Concierge".

April 2000 Doug Nassaur fired from Linuxcare, after approximately 6 months on the job. Story here:
Basically, he spent a lot of money on things the company didn't need - in fact, most of what he bought was subsequently sold off (at a big loss of course).

Pete D. writes in with this story, which he asked be
published here:

Doug Nassaur joined Holiday Inn Corporation to manage the distributed systems group (about 60 people) around September 1997. At the time I was pushing 4 years there as a Developer turned DBA and I was running the Development and 3rd level Support Operations Dept which was the group supporting all 3000+ hotels. Doug Nassaur was hired by Stan Ford after Stan was promoted to Sr. Director. Stan was a very nice man who had 7 children but did not know anything about computer systems, for he was a people person. He hired Doug based solely on their private interview against by judgment and advice to not hire him.

When Doug came in, you would have thought he was elected president of the United States, for he came in like some King and listened to no one who knew the systems and operations, and within 2 weeks he had already quickly alienated both management, other supporting groups, and all his new direct reports felt like they were working for an incompetent, and I mean 98% of them. He completely destroyed all systems and operations that were working and did nothing to improve systems and operations that needed work. He reassigned almost everyone to another position including me and then brought in two additional people to be managers from his previous job, who knew nothing about the business, operations, or computer systems. There was a mass exodus of very talented employees including me and within about 5 months, it was finally obvious to management the problem was Doug, so they fired him in a nasty confrontation. They then demoted Stan Ford several levels for hiring him and causing infrastructure damage that would take years to correct.

I uncloaked his incompetence in less than 3 weeks and realized he was a hollow man with no character or managerial knowledge nor did he have any basic common sense about computer systems or people. He was one of those guys that learned a few buzzwords like "stakeholders", and some acronyms, but had no substance or formal education. He might have been better as a stand up comedian. He was also one of those crazy Sun Unix guys that was more infatuated with the hardware like some child instead of what the technology does for the company. He had severe platform bias, unlike intelligent people there with a successful track record that knew certain equipment fits the job it is supposed to do. He attempted to convert all Windows systems to Unix immediately which the company had implemented and immediately went out and purchased unnecessary Sun equipment (and we know what Sun equipment cost back then).

I was very passionate about my work and I had worked hard there only to see it all torn down in a few short weeks. What surprises me the most is the jobs at other companies Doug was able to acquire later through his succession of lies, and more, the naïve people that did not simply check his background. Well, Doug, Google has your number now, and hopefully, this will help some Manager or Bank somewhere that is about to hire him or give him money, and thus make the mistake of his life and career!!

Doug's Employment History (please help fill in

??? 2002 - Present (2003): True
North Technology, Alpharetta, GA

Jun 2001 - May 2002: Sengent, Boca Raton, Florida

May 2000 -
May 2001: Sparkfly, Atlanta, GA

Sep 1999 - Apr 2000: Linuxcare, San Francisco, CA

??? -
1999: E*Trade, Atlanta, GA -

???: Holiday Inn Worldwide


???: GTE Wireless

???: Carpenter

???: Signet Banking Corporation

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