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16 Sep 2011 (updated 16 Sep 2011 at 05:00 UTC) »

I run about 5 blogs (depending how you count), and by far the most read or visited one never had any comments - although its engine supports them. Blog comments are for the weak.

So the "Chinese Wedge" was used for a spammer to gain a foothold. To sum, a wedge (hjclub) gained a certification from a Master (atai), who is Taiwanese, by presumably [mis]using some Chinese codeword. Then it certified normal spammer(s). The response (by chalst) was to call for ostracism, or a purge, which is the normal social response. However, suppose that there is no way to make atai to drop the cert of the wedge. What then? I think we ought to get used to the idea of imperfect protection. Raph actually said that in the book example some books will be given away improperly and that is all right. Still, there is probably some fertile field for research here...

Notes from listening to Red Hat Cloud Computing Forum

- Brian Stevens, RHT CTO -
Reduce the cost of EXIT from the cloud. Sounds like "well, duh", but yeah, something to be kept in mind.

- Matt Aslett, the 451 group - -- example of cloud
Japan is behind in Cloud

- Jeff Garzik talks about CLD. It's improved from the time I heard it last. More concise and makes sense.
AMQP - does it help?
Jeff is talking about distributed storage stuff to be built over Hail. I wonder. If there's no consistency/coherency underneath, it's hard to build it on top.
HyperTable, port over CLD?

- Michael DeHaan, RHT - Cobbler (mdehaan@)
Cobbler works before the system exists, Puppet works after the system exists.

- Matthew Farrellee - Condor (job scheduler)
[maybe I should use it to build Map/Reduce, unless Hadoop of course]

- Rich Wolski, Eucalyptus Systems Inc. - "Yuakaliptus", in Santa Barbara
Emulates AWS but not designed to replace AWS... Too modest.
Has S3 ("Walrus") and EBS (root filesystems etc.), APIs to attach/detach to VMs.
So, are Ubuntoids going to ship this Eucalyptus or other Eucalyptus? Yes.
* Google App Engine: emulated in UCSB by AppScale
rich@ eucalyptus
RabbitMQ - commercial (proprietary too?) SQS implementation.

- Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera
V.interesting history bg
"Hadoop provides people with a v.powerful NEW tool to do data analysis."
Hadoop sits on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed FS). Ah-ha!

- KVM skipping

- libVirt skipping

- Skipping Sunny Gosain and ERP talk

- Brian Kearney RHT "Sr. Consulting Engineer" - project Thincrust (how is it different from Cobbler?) creates a text that can be fed to Cobbler (or elsewhere).

- Chander Kent, CEO of Zmanda - backup to a cloud. A commercial Duplicity?
APIs: Amazon S3, CloudFiles, SunCloud, Microsoft Azure.
libzcloud - open library

On the topic of Tbird mangling patches (in twisti's entry), Bryan Clark made an extension to expose the knobs in the UI, Asalted:

Also, contrary to twisti's assertion, the mangling was very much intentional. The flamewar between programmers and those in Mozilla who think that programmers are not a relevant userbase for MUAs was... educational.

Regarding the flap around Keith, I'm not as concerned about the exact value of the cutoff as with not having a mechanism to raise those who fall below it. For example, argp suddenly decided to use the common language yesterday... which is welcome, but his rating is 2.4 as seen by my account.

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