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UK KDE Representative/Contact
KDE/Qt and Web Developer.
Founder of Linux UK. (now is
Maintainer of Kafka. (no longer)
Author of KCVSApplet.
Author of KDE Developer Center
Author of KWebStat v2 Development Page
Founder of Wolves LUG.
Writer for Linux Format / Linux Magazine
Organising the UK Linux Expo / Linux Expo Birmingham KDE Booth
Founder of KDE Usability Study
Founder of KDE::Enterprise
Co-Founder of Katalyst Project

Musician (guitar, drums, bass, vocals)
Pretty cr*p Magician (mainly cards)

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The Big List (TM)

  • Fix Usability Study Bugs
  • Implement Usability Question API
  • Write Usability plan document
  • Port DevCenter and KWebStat to Qt 3.0
  • Fix the bugs in DevCenter and KWebStat ;- P
  • Write KOrganizer Whats Next view
  • Write patches for dialogs in KDE


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Well, only a couple of days before I go to the USA on holiday with my family, but before I go I have had some thoughts.

To be honest, this has been brewing in me for a while, and a combination of work, band, TV, playstation 2 and other stuff has prevented me acting on it.

We all love free software. We all know free software is a good thing and it can do good things for the good people that use it.

Although free software is a good thing for many people, there is a key group of people that have not been directly targetted for using free software to benefit them: charities.

Charities are possibly the most needy of organisation for requiring costs to be cut and investments to be procured to benefit the charity. I think it is important that we direct our knowledge of free software to charities so that they make full use of it.

With this in mind I am going to do some work in this area and focus on how charities can invest in free software which can not only save them money but also get them out of the vendor lock in that plagues so many.

I am planning on doing some of the following to acheive my ambition of getting more free software in charities:

- identify the current IT needs and requirements of charities. Develop a paper on what these needs are and how they can be approached with the current catalogue of free software.

- determine the extend of use that charities rely on commercial software. I will also seek to determine the costs and licencing of this software. Put it this way - I doubt it is all free...and then there is the lock-in situation.

- Write a proposition paper on how free software can offer a solution to these requirements.

These are quite hefty goals, and I am by no means expecting these goals to be completed any time soon. I still have things to do as a student and other work to satisfy, but you know my intentions.

*Yawn*. Just woke up ready for a da of writing, unpacking (in our new house) and packing (for our holiday in a week).

At some point today I am plannin on looking over the KWebStat source to investigate if it still compiles the latest HEAD compile which I have, which is admittidly quite old due to the lack of broadband until a few weeks. :(

By the way...does anyone know if there is a client to add diary entries to Advogato? I am sick of logging into the site.

Heya folks,

Well, I have returned after many months away from this site. I have been busy with my band and some other Linux related stuff.

I am however going to keep this thing updated where I can.

I have been fiddling with PHP some more today and looked into Cookies in more detail, mail ahnding and LDAP.

Work on the Question API for has been been continuing, and I have found that it is teaching me lots more about web development - all good fun.

Band practice tonight...last one before the gig. :)

Seeya later all!

Well the past few days have been interesting - lots of metal, relaxing and PHP.

I have been coding the Question API for the KDE Usability Study - I decided a complete rewrite was in order and I have begun coding it all up. this version will have support for multiple languages, mail responder support and more.

Gotta run...I will keep you informed.

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