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Heh, wow, the stuff below is really old. It's 2007 now and I'm not really doing much related to hardcore computer stuff any more... I'm doing a PhD in computer ethics at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics in Canberra, Australia. I haven't really coded much in a while except for a photo gallery that outputs static html pages using information from iPhoto while I was in a very boring place in Norway called Mo I Rana. Oh and a database for my FFXI linkshell website, hah. I'm mostly a gamer and academic nerd now really ^^;


Hello :) I'm a 24 y.o. Australian uni student who works for and is also one of the main maintainers of in its new incarnation. In my spare time, when I'm not attacking peoples' freshmeat submissions, I'm coding ((Oct 2k3: PHP)) Python for my other webpage and drooling over my ((Oct 2k3: titanium)) aluminium PowerBook G4. Oh, and playing ((Oct 2k3: Warcraft III (TFT too), Homeworld 2, GTA: VC, or Metroid Prime)) Final Fantasy XI. I'm not a fantastic coder, but I'm a fan of scripting languages such as PHP and ((Oct 2k3: plan to teach myself Python sometime soon.)) have taught myself Python and love it :-)

Current Life Plan:
* finish computer science degree, go and do a post- grad journalism diploma.
-- update Oct 2k3: finished degree, doing honours in History and Philosophy of Science, rock!
-- update Oct 2k4: finished honours -- first class! started a PhD in HPS

* start writing a column or similar regularly to see if I enjoy that sort of thing.
-- update Oct 2k3: Running; but that's not really a column thingy. And it's on holidays right atm while I finish crunch time at uni.
-- update Oct 2k4: okay, so it didn't really work out. Oh well :-)

Other stuff I'm doing at the moment: A MAME box (update Oct2k4 -- finished!) and a photo gallery.


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30 Oct 2004 (updated 30 Oct 2004 at 09:29 UTC) »

Time for my annual Advogato update!
Well, it's been a busy year.

This year I:

  • Finished from my Honours degree in History and Philosophy of Science (graduating with first class honours)
  • Started a PhD
  • Rewrote to have a static-HTML producing Python backend
  • Rewrote my photo gallery to have a static-HTML producing Python backend
  • Started a Cocoa GUI for the above
  • Had my 24th birthday
  • Racked up another year at (still the best job I've ever had)
  • Started a Japanese course
  • Went to New Zealand and sailed around the Bay of Islands
  • Taught a class on introductory philosophy of science
  • Have done more essay marking than is good for me
  • Have my green Ps for another year *sigh*
  • Moved out of home again (to an awesome semi in Crows Nest)
  • Haven't managed to reclaim my position as #1 google image search for 'sexy goth' :-(
  • Had a hair cut
  • Became more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine

Looking forward to next year! :-)

hacker: As for the BearOps thing, please send the freshmeat editors a broken links notification using the url on the project page - we'll remove the project listing if the links are broken and the author doesn't respond to an email requesting new links. This counts even though there is a commercially available version you can purchase, because of the requirement of the GPL to have the source available (and their links are very much broken in that regard).

Well, it's time to do my annual Advogato entry.

What have I been up to?

  • Finished the main part of my undergraduate Science degree, majoring in Computer Science and History & Philosophy of Science
  • Started an Honours year in History & Philosophy of Science
  • Learned a lot about Trusted/Trustworthy Computing (NGSCB and the TCG specs) for my Honours thesis
  • Did some updates to my site
  • Started a cutesy animal blog at (currently on holiday until I finish uni demands for the semester)
  • Made a bunch of new friends both at uni and outside
  • Racked up another year working for freshmeat (best job I've ever had)
  • dropped off the first hit on for "sexy goth" (still no. 2 though!) which is pretty good considering I'm not actually a goth ;P
  • Doing some PHP programming for my aunt and an old workmate of mine as well as some random other bits and pieces
  • Doing some random contracty work putting together Linux boxen for my old work
  • Got a gym membership and have been doing "Body Balance" classes each week (mostly) and cardio too (which is good because since becoming a uni bum and living at home again on a good 3 square meals has made me lazy and put on weight :-)
  • Got my green P's (NSW drivers license) which I'll have for another 2 years
  • Had my 23rd birthday
  • Upgraded my tibook to Panther
  • Adopted a snake (a coastal carpet python)
  • Took a photography course
So there you go! See you next year! ;-)

Well, another thing that scoop and I have been working on for a while is finally done - is finally live and hap'ning for all your Mac OS X software needs. Huzzah!


In other news, am progressing in my quest to write a semi decent IRC client for OS X, the one I use at the moment, Snak, is competent but not quite how I like some things. :-) This is probably the biggest project I've ever set myself, and I'm learning Obj-C as I go, so it'll probably be quiiiite a while before I get anything use-able up and running. Coding isn't really my strong point, but I enjoy it and I like learning new languages. And isn't that what it's really all about? :-)

I don't think that these women are doing such a thing *just* because women are underrepresented on the Internet, I think they are just letting interested women know that the stories aren't necessarily true, that you *can* be a female geek.

They're giving women a support network for when things do go wrong, when they are discriminated against or whatever. Even really really geeky geek females have probably been discriminated against or somewhat abused at least once in their lives by other (usually male) geeks. I'd classify myself as mostly a geek under your qualifications (I do have another life outside sitting at my computer, but I do the latter *quite* a lot), and I certainly have - several times. I don't think you can call it (LinuxChix in particular, of which I am not actually a member) a sisterhood as such, the LinuxChix welcome men to their meetings and on their mailing lists, so if my understanding of American culture's "sororities" is correct, this is somewhat different.
And you *are* being elitist if you say "90% of the engineers I've met are idiots" - and frankly, it's not very productive to be so openly judgemental about people, especially people you may be working with.

In Australian culture there is an idea that you should give people a go, whether or not you immediately think they're stupid - you may be pleasantly surprised. If a woman, or man, or anyone, thinks they have the mindset, give them a chance at that - if they fail, then they'll work it out and do something else. I think the most important thing is encouragement and education, and these groups provide it for women who may not be able to get it elsewhere for fear of ridicule or otherwise - and some just might end up finding that they really are good at coding or sysadminning or whatever, you never know.

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