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I used to work on:

  • DJGPP: This is more than just a port of the GNU utilites to protected-mode DOS. I maintained a number of ports of GNU tools to DJGPP and was the release manager on the DJGPP 2.04 release for the alpha and first beta.

  • libsocket: This is a networking library which used Windows's low-level device drivers to provide DJGPP programs with the BSD sockets API.

  • pakke: This is a package manager for DJGPP, which has made using DJGPP a lot easier (for me, at least!).

Now I'm trying to decide what fresh, new and interesting stuff to find out about and work on.


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More problems with Ubuntu 10.04 on Samsung N510

My main laptop's hard disk died at the weekend, so I started migrating all my data to my Samsung N510 netbook (thank goodness for backups). Unfortunately, I hit this Ubuntu 10.04 bug, which meant my netbook was crashing sporadically when I ran lots of programs -- firefox and thunderbird simultaneously:

Bug #539482: Page allocation failures on Dell E5500

I tried installing mainline 2.6.34 kernel builds, as described by the Ubuntu Wiki Kernel/MainlineBuilds page. The 2.6.34 kernel seemed to hang the netbook hard.

Instead, I decided to try a backport of the Ubuntu Maverick kernel, as mentioned on Ubuntu Updates Lucid kernel page. I installed the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install linux-image-generic-lts-backport-maverick linux-headers-generic-lts-backport-maverick

The current backport kernel is 2.6.35-19-generic.

The boot process appeared to hang, so I disabled the boot splash screen, by editing /etc/default/grub:


and then ran sudo update-grub.

I also had to build the module for the wireless chipset -- Realtek 8192 PCI wireless -- because the built-in wireless driver in 2.6.35 does not appear to work with my WPA-enabled access point. That is a story for another blog post... In the meantime, I have seen reports that switching the access point from WPA+WPA2 to just WPA mode helps.

Syndicated 2010-08-30 09:45:44 from richdawe

Upgrading to Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 - no title bar or window decorations

I upgraded from UNR 9.04 to 10.04 the other day, and found that the window decorations such as the title bar and close/maximize/minimize had disappeared from all windows (even in "GNOME" log-in sessions).

My particular problem seemed to be caused by saved GNOME session state. I've attached a suggested resolution to Launchpad bug #576696.

Syndicated 2010-05-19 07:26:34 from richdawe

Slow scrolling in Firefox on Fedora 12 - workaround

After upgrading to Fedora 12, I found that scrolling in Firefox was painfully slow. I'm using the Nouveau driver with a Geforce Go 5700 chip in my old 3.2 GHz Athlon64 laptop. Scrolling seemed to peg the CPU usage at 100% and render the computer unusable for the duration of the (very slow) scrolling.

Disabling "smooth scrolling" in the general section of the preferences seems to have fixed this.

Syndicated 2010-02-05 11:45:12 (Updated 2010-02-05 11:46:09) from richdawe

Mac OS X firewall vs. DHCP

I've been having some issues with Mac OS X not being able to configure itself with DHCP. It looks like the firewall was blocking DHCP responses. Quick solution was to turn off the firewall. Longer-term solution may be that I need to reinstall configd and mDNSResponder from the latest Mac OS X update, so that they are signed correctly, so that the firewall trusts them again.

Syndicated 2009-06-09 10:36:44 from richdawe

Looking for a contractor for Professional Services

I work in the Professional Services team at Message Systems, where I have fun designing and developing custom integrations of our e-mail software platform to fulfil the needs and requirements of various clients.

We're looking for someone for a six-month contract in the Bristol area:

From the full job specification:

The Message Systems engineering team is looking for a highly motivated Professional Services Engineer to help build custom solutions on top of our best-of-breed messaging platform. You will work closely with our internationally-renowned engineering team to deliver solutions to our customers.

The projects range from carrier-class deployments to support millions of messages per day to mass-market enterprise appliances used by Fortune 500 companies.

Please see the full job specification for details of how to apply.

Syndicated 2009-05-20 03:12:34 (Updated 2009-05-20 03:15:42) from richdawe

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