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I have a real weblog now. I keep most of my notes and things over my site: LogicError. However, I don't have a weblog yet. I'm also seen on Wikis as AaronSwartz.


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wmf pointed out that dmullen is complaining about something I wrote. dmullen, I'd appreciate it if you email me@aaronsw.com with a link when you talk about me.

dmullen clearly misunderstood my remark. I found TAOUP to be an interesting and slightly useful read. I don't think it's horrible or filled with flaws. My complaint is simply that the book is not about the art of Unix programming. At best, it might be called the practice of Unix programming. While ESR does have some aesthetically-valid points they're not really the focus of the book and his ugly recommendations seem to far outnumber them.

I also agree with mbp that ESR focuses on his own work too much. There are only so many fetchmail examples one can stand!

With Small is Beautiful, I'm planning to go in the other direction and completely ignore popularity and my own work, and try to communicate what I find beautiful about Unix.

Why are Advogato text boxes set to wrap hard? It inserts annoying spaces where I don't want them.

24 Mar 2002 (updated 24 Mar 2002 at 01:12 UTC) »

raph writes: "Another change I'd like to make soonish is to render real names in most contexts. The nicknames are cute, but I think they don't scale well. Of course, this kind of change is not rocket science, but those things are important too."

One interesting trick (in other situations) I've seen is to keep the nicknames, but store the real names in a title attribute, so they appear as "tooltips" in many browsers if you mouse over the nicknames.

raph writes: "I just flat-out don't agree [that kids should be sent to traditional school]. Realistically, the chances of Alan becoming a corporate drone are much lower than, say, making a living writing poetry. Why not prepare him for the latter, then?"

Yes, yes, yes! As an unconventional schooler myself, I can attest that my years in traditional school were simply torture (and I went to an elite private school that wasn't supposed to have these problems). Raising children in a dictatorship is hardly a way to develop young questioning minds, and I am so thankful for having computers, the Internet and a rich home life to keep me thinking and growing. Without them, I don't know how I would have survived -- let alone learn and grow -- all these years.

It's great to see zachlipton is speaking out against LinuxWorld's policy of discrimination.

Great job, Zach. We should put together a forum for young hackers.

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