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I live in Cleveland Ohio and in my free time I am the lead developer on the Java-GNOME project.

In addition to being a hacker I am also an accomplished woodworker and the President of the Northeast Ohio Woodworkers Guild. To see some of my receint work you can go here


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10 May 2005 (updated 10 May 2005 at 20:15 UTC) »
The Java Debate

It has been quite interesting to see that passions that have been ignited since the Apache Harmony announcement. The majority of postings I have read jump to the conclusion that this effort will try to create a new JVM and class library to compete against or replace gcj, Kaffe, and GNU Classpath. It is easy to see how somebody could have this opinion since the announcement was unclear on the implementation (approach). I feel fairly confident that this is not the case. Since the announcement (and prior to the announcement) Classpath and Apache developers have had irc discussion on how to move forward (together) on this effort. Mark Wielaard (project leader for GNU Classpath) created a page that captures his thoughts on Harmony. This page has links to other documents relevant to this discussion. You can find it here.

Free Java?

The progress made by free java developers is nothing short of amazing. If you are interested in developing free java applications you will find that there are stable and robust compilers, runtimes, class libraries, application servers and development environments. The entire software stack runs on free software. A lot of hard work has gone to get us to this point. I must say that free java is alive and well.

Java in GNOME

The larger question to be answered is what place does Java have in GNOME. I personally find the entire debate of Java vs. Mono misguided at best. Developers should have the freedom to choose the language of their choice when they write applications targeting GNOME. That is why we have C#, Java, Python, Perl, C++ and other language bindings. It is possible to do this because the majority of the platform libraries are written in C. If we allow core platform libraries to be written in C# or Java or (pick another high-level language) we immediately limit the ability of language bindings to provide this core capability to their users. My argument for not including Mono or Java in the platform has nothing to do with a possible threat from Microsoft or Sun. It has to do with freedom and choice.

I think Java, Mono, Python, C++, and other language bindings have an important role to play in the application space. They all contribute to the rich GNOME environment we love so much.

Java-GNOME on Windows

With today's release gtk-java and glade-java build and run on Windows. To find out more you can visit our Windows Compilation page on the Java-GNOME site.

Java-GNOME Con 1

After a lot of coaxing and a promise that the weather will be nice (I'm not sure I believe that one but can it really be any worse than Cleveland?) some people have talked me out of my cave to attend a gathering in Toronto. April 2nd will be the first Java-GNOME hackers meeting. We will be getting started at about 10:00 am EST and I will be giving an overview of the bindings at 11:00 am. The primary focus of the event will be learning how Java-GNOME works, writing code, and having fun. If you can attend in person please let us know on the java-gnome-developer list. Otherwise I hope to see you on #java-gnome irc.


It has been nearly a month since the Java-GNOME team announced our intention to provide cairo bindings. Here is a brief update on where we currently stand.

As of this morning we have nearly complete coverage of all core APIs. We have also implemented PDF, PS, PNG, and in memory image buffer surfaces. To verify our implementation we have implemented 19 of the snippets from cairo-demo as well as the kapow example.

On our TODO list is adding the remaining surfaces and integrating with our gdk, gtk, and pango bindings.

Java-GNOME update

It has been a while since I posted an update and a lot has happend receintly so here goes...

Today libgtk-java 2.6.0 was released (just in time for FOSDEM). I am quite excited about the progress we have made since 2.4. We have completely rewritten the way we store pointers in order to support 64-bit platforms. We have also enhanced our gdk bindings and added complete support for gdk-pixbuf. There are too many improvements to list them all here so I'll stop now.

Today we also made our first gtkmozembed-java, gtkhtml-java, and vte-java releases. The gtkmozembed-java bindings are a keeper but I hope to not make another gtkhtml-java and vte-java release. These bindings were created by developers that joined the project with great excitement, produced a little code, and then vanished into the haze. The code has been sitting around for months (years?) so what was I to do?

We now have cairo bindings in freedesktop cvs. I took a look at the existing CairoJava bindings. They required SWT and used ant for the build system. There were some issues with the way they were handing memory and storing pointers. I talked with the original maintainer and worked out that the Java-GNOME team would create a cairo-java bindings that didn't rely on a specific toolkit (GTK or SWT) and then he could build his SWT layer over it. So I spent the past week or so learning cairo and working on these bindings. I am pretty excited about the start that is in cvs now.

Bad weather halted my flight to Belgium for FOSDEM yesterday. I spent the night in a Hotel in New Jersey that didn't have Internet access. I started hacking on our gnomevfs-java bindings. These are really starting to take shape. We currently have about 50% API coverage. Perhaps I should update our Roadmap to included these bindings in our 2.12 development cycle. What do you think?

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