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I've worked on a few projects and contributed to many more, including AbiWord, X-Chat, GtkThemeSwitch, and Gnapster. A lot of the work I have done relates to graphing, including the GtkGraph graphing calculator which I wrote, maintained, and abandoned. My email address is aaronl@vitelus.com. You may use my PGP key if you wish to send me encrypted mail. Depending on how hard-core a geek you are, you may be interested in my Sawfish hacks or dotfiles, in particular my .emacs and .muttrc files.


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mustapha: Because it's C++. C++ automatically defines a type associated with a structure, unlike C.

I share your pain of being in a class that uses the idiotic AP classes. As if C/C++'s built in types aren't good enough...

schoen: What is so offensive about "The world is the whole of the facts, not the things."?

The Napster settlement has been bothering me a lot, especially since it sets absolutely no precedent. A single music company agreed to drop a suit. Great. What if on the new SuperNapsterPayPerDownload service some kiddie starts trading music from different labels than BMG, and those other labels (which might be small and independent) for some reason do not want their music distributed in this way? Is it OK just becuase Big Business is behind the pay service? BMG will get money from the new Napster service, but small independent labels will most likely not.

This is depressing because many had hoped the Napster case would clarify this confusing aspect of copyright law. As far as current copyright law stands, I see no reason why an independent label could not sue Napster/BMG and have just as large a case as the RIAA did.

What was settled was not settled between all parties that had claim to the money that "Napster had taken away from them". All that happened was that one of the larger parties got what they wanted. This does not clarify anything and does not solve any problems that other companies claim they had. If smaller record companies sue, do they have a chance?

I am also unhappy about the distinction that seems to be arising between the legalities of a non-pay service versus those of a costly service. If Napster was aiding people in piracy when it was public, why will it be any different when it becomes an exclusive club of piracy? Audio that BMG does not hold the copyright to still will be traded. Many companies, and even people blamed Napster for facilitating this piracy, and therefore being liable for it. Once Napster comes up from the underground, how will it be any different? If I record farting noises, sell CD's of them, and they get put on Napster, can I sue Napster? Well, this was basically what companies were doing to Napster before the BMG deal.

The involvement of Big Business should not change the percieved or real legality of a service

Goddamnit. I wrote my diary entry in Netscape and it HAD to crash when I was about to post it. Back to trusty vi. _______________________________________________________________________

This weekend was eventful. I started it off in a hacking sense by writing a minor patch for console-apt while waiting for Star Trek: TNG: Interface to air on Saturday morning. The patch fixed some strings, a bit of Debian packaging, and some mixed-up keys. I posted several wishlist items on console-apt also. I am about to submit a bug on GtkMozEmbed stating that pressing the spacebar in a TEXTAREA form causes the entire document to scroll, which is obviously very annoying, and is also the reason why I didn't write this diary entry in Skipstone originally :/.

A Javur(tm) applet that I have been anticipating for some time has finally appeared. The basic principle is that people have too many passwords to remember, and that it is not acceptable to compormise by using the same password for every site/machine. This applet hashes a master password with the site name to produce a password for the individual site which cannot be used to deduce the master password or the password for any other site without practically impossible amounts of computing power or major advancements in codebreaking techniques. I realized that if I used this, the first thing I would want to do after the hashed password had been computed would be to copy it to the clipboard, since I don't like typing in 16-digit hexidecimal numbers :). I added a button to the applet to do just this and sent a patch. No, I don't know Java. Don't ask :).

I was excited to see that Gnapster, XMMS, and X-Chat all won Linux Journal Readers' Choice awards. I have contributed code to all of those projects.

XFree86 4.0.1 is in Debian Woody, and some really cool packages including Gnapster-1.4, imlib2, feh, and scrot are in Incoming. Beaujolais!

Now a query: I'm running a 10kRPM SCSI drive in my workstation, and it performs great. But I am not cooling it at all. It seems to be roughly the same temperature as my trusty EIDE drive, but I've heard that cooling a 10kRPM drive is very important. Is there a safe way that I can cool this drive without replacing my case with a more ventilated one? Would a chasis fan be sufficient or is direct cooling required? I do not want a box looking like Zork.


I just don't get it. All throughout the year, we have morals and responsibilities. As always, there is an exception. Halloween. What really bothers me is that kids are encouraged by their parents to demand candy from neighbors in a rude, disrespectful way, and their kids have come to expect this candy. Someone needs to tell them that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. I, personally, am very disturbed when I am working and dozens of people ring my doorbell because it is social convention that I am to give them candy for no good reason. I do not observe halloween and I would find it similarly offensive if people demanded church taxes or some other nonsense from me on christmas.

When I was young, I used to give in to this becuase my parents told me it would be fun. As an older, possibly more mature person, I now know that it is wrong to knock on strangers' doors and demand candy. Now that I know this, I am doing my best to try to educate children about it.

In short, my hopes are very simple: that parents will strive to educate their children about what conduct is permissible, not what conduct is acceptable to society. The example of this not happening that I am most shocked by is Halloween, which is probably the easiest to recognize becuase it is so stupid. The whole idea of Halloween, involving dressing up in odd costumes and running around threatening neighbors over candy is so remarkably stupid ti any reasonable person that it becomes apparent that such behavior is unwelcomed and an accident of society. The problem with society is that once any holiday is established, it is extremely hard to antiquate. This is the same reason as why holidays get added at an unsustainable pace and will continue to be shoved into the calendar until we are stuck with a great number more than 366 holidays annually. But of more relevence, it is a reason why Halloween is not socially depricated, like other stupid immoral and stupid practices such as witchburning censorship already are. This makes Halloween a very difficult annoyance to combat. For now, the best way to go about that is probably to educate parents on how Halloween rampages are obnoxious to neigbors and are detrimental to society.

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