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I'm a FreeBSD src and ports committer (XFree86 and DRM maintainer, among other things) and DRI developer (SiS DRI maintainer). I'm 20 years old and a student of Sociology and Anthropology at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. Currently a part-time code-monkey with LinuxFund.


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I'm moving my blog to LiveJournal. Not really sure why, but LiveJournal is just more interesting to me. Perhaps it's because folks I know are blogging there, too.

More Xati hacking. Fixed the driver to allow acceleration of copies between pixmaps of matching bpp, not destination pixmaps that match the screen bpp (which meant broken copies when source bpp != dest bpp). Fixed r128's alignment of pixmaps, which had resulted in some corruption. Now I can't produce corruption on Xati, except for a very brief moment when opening menus in mozilla with xcompmgr running. It's the same in Xvesa, and may be something fixed in trunk.

I've also spent time working on getting the Composite solid-fill case accelerated using the driver's solid fill hook that already exists. XFree86 code helped out quite a bit here, since I'm relatively unfamiliar with the internals of this stuff. It appears to be working, but I'm going to wait to commit until I can get some review or more thorough testing, I think. Then I'd like to do cleanups and merge my DRI branch, where I've been doing this work, to trunk. While in the area, I caught a bug I had introduced to kaa when starting on Xati which wasted 0 to 75% of offscreen memory depending on bpp.

I've also spent more time the last few days on SiS and Radeon Composite acceleration using 3d, but to no avail so far.

Committed r128 Composite acceleration support for blending with no mask, no transform, and no repeat. It was a diff bounced around between myself and andersca, with andersca having written some of the most important bits. Unfortunately this doesn't cover any of what xcompmgr wants to do.

Took a look at whether xvideo could be done using the scaler like the Composite accel is. Although the scaling parts should be OK, it looks like the formats supported by the hardware don't match the formats desired by Xv. Or I'm failing to understand YUV formats, which is quite likely.

Spent a solid chunk of the day working on Radeon Render acceleration. I think I do have enough information in the end to do Composite cleanly on Radeon in Xati. The code is written, but nothing's being rendered yet. Not sure what's going on.

Spent the night hacking on render accel. Helped andersca to get his diff for some specific render accel on r128 working. I've been trying to get his diff working on my r128 and cleaned up for the same test here all night, with no luck at all. I'm compositing something vaguely resembling the image onto the screen, except that it looks like the pitch is very wrong. Or something. It's definitely being blended, because I can see the root window under the scribbling outside of the test's window.

Moved back home from school for the break. It's great to be at home with family, eating good food and doing family activities. And in theory I've got more time to dedicate to hacking. However, today I had to drive my vehicle-less friend around as he tried to scrounge enough money to get his car back from the shop. I ended up loaning him $200. I hope this turns out well, and not like all the cases in all those "judge shows" that everyone else in the world seems to love to watch. I trust him, it's just what everyone else I've mentioned loaning money to has brought up. Finished off the day watching my sister at her baton performance, though, which is always fun.

Managed to get a bit of hacking on glx done. The XFree86 code is in place in the tree, but now I need to figure out how this mess is supposed to all tie in to a DRI driver (well, I can actually answer that: it wasn't ever supposed to. I just want it to at this point).

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