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born on the same date as TZ was released, just some years earlier, coincidence ?...
I've moved from Copenhagen Denmark, leaving my work at Danish Library Center and my studies at DIKU(CS) and KUA(linguistics).

Currently I live in San Francisco, worked for Eazel (untill they folded), hacking gnome stuff for a living.


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Finally back in .dk again, love it. Froze my balls of the first night of drinking, but it was worth it. Survived christmas with good loot and too much food.

Find mig de saedvanelige steder, eller ring til min søster hvor jeg stener paa sofaen.

    Igen lang tid uden dagbog, men nu ruller vi igen...

    Seen Spinal Tap and Built to Spill. SP was pretty good, but we had seats (seats at a concert? what the fuck...) and there was too much music and too little show, and afterall, their music isn't that good. They did have a dancing miniature Stonehenge, but no dwarves. Built to Spill was pretty good guitar rock, but the venue was too hot, and their ending jam was about 15 minutes to long.

    Except for that, the days are still a blur. I think today is wednesday. Wobbled home from the kilowatt at 5 this morning after sitting all not listening to Red Warszawa with Buddah.

    I think I should start go see movies during the day, just for the fuck of it. There's all these crappy movies out these days that would amusing to see.

    Venter stadigvaek paa at kunne starte paa det nye job. Det kommer nok til at tage nogle uger da de ikke engang har begyndt ansoegningen endnu. Saa jeg rykkede dem idag, bla. da det jo ik' er gratis at leve her og der er graense for hvor lang tid jeg kan gaa uden loen. Men det skulle nok ordne sig sagde de, og pengeprobs skulle de nok hjaelpe med hvis det blev et problem.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).


    some gnome-pilot crack and a cute little cli ripper with cddb lookup. It was fun to code c++ again, but returning to gnome-pilot and it's c/gtk+ hell was a downer, really should start working on porting gnome-pilot to c++...

    I need to move the gnome-pilot pages to, having them on is just pretty pointless when you can't edit them nor get anyone to fix the problems, so don't expect to see those pages updated ever again.

7 Jun 2001 (updated 7 Jun 2001 at 06:14 UTC) »
    Saw Memento, that was a blast, go see it.

    The job hunt is over, signed the offer letter from VerdiSoft, should be able to start as soon as the visa transfer stuff begins.

    I got really sick and tired of talking to companies/recruites who were all gung-ho about scheduling interviews (or even actually did the interviews), untill the came across the H1B thingy on the visa and suddenly were "oh, you might not excatly have the skill set we want" or in some cases (recruiters only) just flat out "oh, if we'd known, we wouldn't have bothered". All these companies will be screaming for more H1B's in 6 months. Wankers.

    Sunday we (mfleming, jsh) grilled in out "back yard", that was pretty neat, should do more of that while I'm still just sitting a home twiddling my thumbs.

    Other than that, most of my time is spend doing nothing, except for the daily tour down to the kilowatt for a few pints. Oh yeah, had some danes visting, they were here for Java One, so sunday night we went to (surprise) kilowatt for some (surprise again!) beer.

    Een ting der isaert var bittert var da to af de ho'der jeg bor med fik job i et firma hvor jeg interviewede (og en fra Eazel jeg arbejdede taet sammen med) hvorimod jeg fik en formumlet historie om at "uhm, du er lissom ikke helt hvad vi soegte efter til at lave embedded systemer". Jeg interviewede lissom overhovedet ikke for det job, men for server side tingene, blabla... Isaer da de ogsaa droppede min fjerde slof (som ogsaa er paa H1B og en sparke-roev programmoer) var det ligesom klart hvad der foregik.

    Men nu kan jeg da i det mindste holde op med at se paa fragtpriser. Til gengaeld kan jeg ikke rejse ud af landet indtil visum overfoerslen er overstaaet, det kan tage 2-3mnd, saa eskil skal ikke til roskilde i aar heller, waaah.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    bunch on gnome-pilot hacking... really should release a new one again...

    Wow, Vegas was a trip. We arrived thursday night and checked into the luxor, wonderfully kitsch egyption decor, inclinators (escalators that move in an angle, really amusing when you're drunk) and the vegas casino scene (no windows, no clocks, no way to figure out what the time is).

    So basically the trip involved drinking margaritas at the pool, eating goot expensive food (oh man, the steak at mon ami blabla was the best steak I've ever had</a>), and getting drunk at the roulette (yeah yeah, so I lost money, but I had a good time) and thereafter just getting a bit more drunk.

    My flight out was at 7:40, so I spend most of the night with three brits in the Nefertiti Lounge at the luxer, inflicting liverdamage with the help of whiskey-sours and corona (you can't get decent beer in these hotels).

    I of course almost managed to miss my flight home, so I got upgraded to first class (boohoo), fell asleep before we took off and didn't wake up till we had landed, excellent.

    Now I have sunburns on my legs, more sunscreen next time.

    Oh yeah, click here for the proof (bemaerk forresten haaret, naesten normalt!).

    I'm still looking for a job, have had a few interviews but still no offers. Also some more recruiters from agenciens saying "we don't want no steenkin' H1b's". So my deadline for a job is around start of june, since my employment/eazel will stop mid-june and so will my cashflow. So somewhere around that time I'll have to decide what to do with my life (og mangel paa samme).

    Heh, intet at sige som ikke taaler dagens lys i denne omgang. Tak til de folk som har skrevet og sagt buhu at firmaet doede, luner i disse haarde kolde tider.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Nope, need a job first...
    It's official, here and here.

    It wasn't a great surprise to any of us at that point, we had spend the last month assuming this would be the outcome, but it still is sad. The engineering team we had was truly awesome and I'll miss the people.

    So now what ? Well, frankly I'm been more and more dissappointed with the gnome community as such, so I won't be weeping if I'm not getting a job in some gnome/linux/free-software company, even though it'd be nice. I'd like to work on setting up a server for the trilobite-install stuff, frankly, I still believe it's the coolest apt-get clone for rpm distros. If anyone wants to work on this, feel free to contact me (eskil at eskil dot dk).

    So now I'm looking for a new job, and it's not going well. Even though I've only had two interviews the outlook isn't good. Both companies turned me down for hard-to-parse reasons and I suspect that it's the H1B visa issue. Most other companies reeled backwards as soon as they realised that they would have to sponsor a visa transferral. But I have about six weeks till the cash dries up, so I won't be planning relocation for the next five weeks.

    Ikke meget at sige. Jeg vil foretraekke at blive her, da en flytning igen simpelthen bare er for besvaerligt. Men hvis der ikke er jobs at faa (industrien har virkeligt taget et nedsving), saa maa jeg vel nok se mig om efter groennere marker.

    Hvad gik galt med biksen ? Tja, daarligt tidspunkt at soege investering, ideen var ok (havde sine mangler). Derudover var der en del skidte ting, f.eks. hyrede vi alt for mange marketingstumper som bare slugte loen og saa smarte ud, brugte for meget energi paa at lave en nyserlig filhaandteringsdimmelut og alt for faa folk til at implementere de ting som vi skulle tjene penge paa. Intet som bagklogskab.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).

    Can't be arsed...

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