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I'm a graduate student at Bilkent University CS Dept., Ankara. My interests range from AI to PL, CG, OS and OOD/OOP. I have been writing computer programs ever since I had a computer, the first of which had been my extremely pleasing Atari 800. I started programming seriously in 1990, when I first embarked on MC68000 assembly on my Amiga 500. I have been involved in the Amiga demo scene, and Computer Graphics was no doubt my first priority. However, as I became more interested in programming, I found out that there were a lot of interesting stuff in the formal study of these matters. I then joined the best CS department I could find in my country. I have an interest in the free software movement as I've been using free software since 1994. It would seem to me that I needed to make some contributions. I haven't many public releases, while I have developed some useful pieces of software scheduled for release. My programming focus is mostly over C++, since it's the best imperative platform to exercise new programming methods due to it's multi-paradigm approach. I have a keen interest in new languages such as Haskell and Mercury. As free software projects, I'm contributing to noatun and kdevelop within KDE project when I find some volunteer time. I also maintain a collection of skeleton codes released.


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I'm not a contributor to debian distro any more. Debian weenies, I don't care if you erase my name from your changelogs, either. I won't comment on the debian article. Debian cabal: you can all go to hell. Thank you.

I wrote a small article on the need for an open research license. Unfortunately I've posted a duplicate, thanks to the browser technology. I wonder how one removes duplicate articles in advogato.

I released a new version of skel. Check it out, it features some serious make hacking. Stuff you can do with GNU make never ceases to amaze me. Download it and have a look at cxx skeleton, where the latest version of 'justmake' collection resides. This is a project with the least amount of code I've ever written, but that's what it's about.

18 Mar 2001 (updated 31 Jan 2002 at 17:25 UTC) »

I'm looking for a free VCD player and a DVD player for Debian. We have currently 0 such packages in Debian, which kind of drives me nuts. I've looked at mpegorion and xine, but I would like to hear suggestions. I'll package it/them when I confirm the quality. Please send your suggestions to my e-mail.

Note: This diary entry is about Linux players, and currently this situation has been well resolved in debian.

First time I really released one of my own projects under a free software license. I contributed a lot of packages to Debian but that was all someone else's code. This is different now :)

That's skel, i just created a new project page for it on freshmeat and advogato. it's basically a collection of several skeleton projects I've been using over years. It's one of those smaller and more personal kind of projects, but I expect that it will be a fresh supply for those who are looking to improve their build systems and the organization of their source trees. I don't do much for configuration there. There is of course the mandatory C++ skeleton that uses autoconf/automake in case you wonder. :) The thing I'm focusing on is an automake-like build system, which IMHO beats automake. I use only GNU make, and I preserve the power and flexibility of a hand written makefile, but still give the developer very short interfaces for depicting the build system. The C/C++ code itself is minimal, just the codes that you'll use every time. I plan to do it pretty modular. For instance, a command line parsing facility will be available as an extra library. You'll just do #include <parseopt> and you'll be set. These extra modules are just not available yet ;)

I licensed it under Lesser GPL because I'd like it to be used in non-free projects, too. This is a beta release, so it probably has some bugs. But in the future releases, it will present some command line and graphical tools to create projects, and manage templates. Another thing that buzzes me would be using a neat 'source package' definition. Not like .dsc, but closer to the stuff at AT&T research. Maybe I could just use that one.


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