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Part time gimp hacker, full time linux developer type person.

Occasionally known to show too much interest in computer graphics while not actually understanding much of it.

Currently employed by Red Hat, Inc previous doing various bits of tech support for all sorts of things, and now doing development stuff.

Been known to waste large amounts of time in irc, especially #gimp.

Sloth. Scientist.

I like the idea of explaining why I cert people. That should definately be part of the module

Alan: know from the "must read" l-k posts, irc, expos, email, and work

sjburges: know from much gimp bug hunting, irc, and linu x expo

johnsonm: from LAD, work, and irc. Also from almost dropping me out of the sky in his home built aircraft. Always useful for answering systems programming related questions.

raph: from irc, much gimp discussion, and linux expos. A always useful source of common and obscure graphics questions.

pjones: from irc, work, and LUG at NCSUFull of arcane sparc hardware knowledge.

zab: know from from work (formerly, sigh...), irc, expos, etc. He Who Makes TCP Servers Go Fast Now And Holds Mucho Kernel Knowledge.

Ryan: know from NCSU lug, work, irc, and real life. Always seems to know more about any given subject that I suspect. I Like Cheese!

blizzard: know from work, irc, real life, etc. Mozilla Hacker. Just dont ever ask him anything about oracle ever again.

lukeh: know from mailing lists. I use his pam_ldap and nss_ldap to do fun stuff.

dkl: know from NCSU lug, and work. Notice a theme here?

zoratu: know from NCSU lug, work. A fellow support minion.

katzj: know from NCSU lug. One of those few brave enough to do things like create a linux distro for a large university in their spare time.

timjMuch irc discussion, typically tim explaining the Gtk object system to me for the Nth time. All around glib/gtk wizard.

tigert: The #gimp resident professional web artist. Creator of many fine icons, and the driving force behind some of more interesting gimp features.

austin All around programming smart person. Excelent at tracking down those "where angels fear to tread" type of gimp bugs. *cough* layers dialog *cough*.

jlbec: know from lots of irc channels (all of them??).

tml Best known for the win32 gimp port. Excellent gimp hacker in general. Instrumental in getting gimp "image pipes" to a working state.

patLocal Helix Hacker. Know from irc, expos etc.

clahey : know from irc, expos etc. Handy for working though the more obscure programmnig questions.

lewing: know from expos, irc, and lots of gimp hacking. I hear he's known for something else too. Prone to being left at airports.

rconover : Know from irc. One of those "programming sysadmin" types that are always coming up with some clever and useful hack.

hp: Know from work, irc, etc. Nobody beats Havoc at the answering gnome questions.

jmm: Know from NCSU lug. Excellent source for actually useful linux performance tuning info. Knows more about the complicated bits of PC hardware busses than anyone should.

kgb: Know from work. Provider of much HA goodness. He has almost convinced me store-and-forware style messaging is TheNextBigThing.

Thor: Know thor from work. Great tech support guy. Great taste in music. His literary knowledge makes me look completely illiterate.

dank: Dan Kegel, just know him from, ftpbench-list, and linux-kernel. If you have even the remotest interest in making a linux server faster, you owe it to your self to visit his web site.

Crutcher Slowly wearing off the "new guy" stigma in Red Hat engineering. Smart guy. Dont get him started about video distribution.

DV know from rpmfind/rpm2html, libxml, various gnome stuff, and work. Keeper of all the XML knowledge.

cturner Know from work. His sig is a perl one liner that makes perl 5.6 segfault. I think that pretty much sums it up.

misa know from work (coworker on the Red Hat Network)

taw know from work (another Red Hat Network coworker). Likes bird flocking simulations and tanks. Lets hope he doesnt confuse the two.


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    Now thats an interesting idea...

    First thought would be to add the version of the software into the hash as well. I keep meaning to write a catchall uncaught exception handler that displays the package then reraise the traceback (so I don't have to ask people what version when I get a random traceback).

    Being able to do that, and also stamp the traceback with an id could be very handy. Especially with some bug-buddy/bugzilla/etc tweaking.

    Of course, double fun would be way to go from the id to at least a rudimentary stack trace, but that would probabaly cause a large id.

    But I suspect you could do something like enumerating all the methods, then just using that as the id, so you could get something like 1.0.0-1:1-23-37-111 indicating a stack of method 1, method 23, etc...

    Keep around a list of the enumerated methods, and you could get a relatively useful idea where the error is. The method name-> number list could be autogenerated fairly easy I suspect.

    Not sure how to handle anonymous methods and lambda's and friends though... Could probabaly just enumerate all the lambdas as well. Not perfect, but close enough.

Haven't posted here in a long time. Don't do much Open Source development outside of work anymore. Plenty of ideas for things, just lack of time.

Been spending alot of my limited free time recently drawing lots of doodles. Stare into them, and the secrets of life will be revealed. If you look close, you can see a sailboat.

Red Hat Network stuff goes well. Though living in two worlds (distro release schedule, and the web/server side schedule) makes my brain hurt sometimes. Or it could just be staring at RPM too much.

One day I'll get around to actually adding content to Goal is a home for recordings of my random experiments in making as much noise as possible.

23 Mar 2002 (updated 23 Mar 2002 at 04:16 UTC) »

xml-rpc interface: Very Nice.

mwh: ooh, proxy support for xmlrpclib! Finally! Getting up2date to work properly with all the various proxies out there was quite an adventure, good to see it baked into 2.2.

Editing in place seems to work to some degree. Handy.

Doh. Spoke too soon, looks like ServerProxy isnt support for web proxies. How silly of me to think so. Guess I have to wait till Greg Stein's proxy and ssl mixins for httplib make it in.

Scrap Iron Chef

Let the tivo'ing commence.

You know what I love about weblogs? People can say whatever random things they like and pretend that they are correct. And maybe even that people listen. You can even just make stuff up.

In some ways, it's a lot like writing for Wired.

More new stuff on the system tuning page. apache mod_proxy useage, some tcp tuning stuff, listenBacklog. But more importantly, I've started trying to merge the info there to

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