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Name: Felipe Bergo
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Age: 23
Brazilian, Graduated on Computer Engineering, author of several free software projects (all under the GNU GPL)

gPS is a task manager and system monitor application for Linux and FreeBSD (If you feel like porting it to another OS, contact me ;) I am still working on improving gPS by adding more visualization modes.

YAWMPPP (Yet Another Window Maker PPP) is an application that provides easy configuration of a dial-up PPP connection, along with a Window Maker dock application to monitor and control the connection.

eboard is a ICS (Internet Chess Server) and chess engine client interface.

I am also the author of Blackbook (, GGLOW (, and some other snippets of code spread around the net (a couple of days ago I discovered that Porto Seguro, an application launcher I coded in 3 days, is actually included in the ports collection in the FreeBSD 4.2 CD)

GPG/PGP public key id: EF8EE808 (keyserver
To retrieve key with GPG: gpg --keyserver --recv-keys EF8EE808


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good news

Unicamp has accepted me for the graduate MSc course, starting in early march.

Finished the gimp-work and php'ing of schoolforge, already "on air". Open source in schools is good for everybody, probably there is something you can do to help it. Talk to educator about open source, write non-geek documentation, write educational software, package software (this _is_ a problem, how about visiting Debian Jr. ?).

When orange juice goes bad

Some hours before this, this guy, angelsun, mailed everybody in the mailing list (but not _to_ the mailing list, he got a subscriber list and put everybody in the to: field -- no, I don't have a copy of it, I had about 2000 emails from the xmas holiday and wasn't really sorting things to the right places) ranting about tens of people subscribing to the list and only a couple helping him with code/patches/etc.

Every now and then he decides to restart from scratch because the OO model is going "bad" (I'd link some messages, but sourceforge's archives haven't heard of a search feature). Phrases like "I'd love to incorporate black box's image code" fly by the list sometimes, as if using GPL source code from another project in your GPL project were difficult.

My patches were applied for something like 10 nanosseconds, after what he started rewriting them because "I screwed the classes" or something like that.

Frank, do you want to know why nobody helps you ? It's because it's easier to write a window manager from scratch than working with you. If I ever get to hack a WM again, I'll either help with Window Maker or write my own.

31 Dec 2001 (updated 31 Dec 2001 at 19:04 UTC) »

And there goes the year. A very stupid year indeed. 5 years in university, 1 since I got the degree and what have I accomplished ?

not enough time for my projects, no job in the field I want (but hey, today's Dilbert LOTD shows that everybody's screwed, not just me)

After reading Clarke's 2001 I expected something special from this year, but it obviously didn't happen.

For 2002 I can only hope I go back the University which I should never have left in the first place (for an MSc), close all issues about eboard (bugs and feature requests).

Oh, yeah, last but not least:

448/448H 153/153M 160/160V 118A 34543G 915007X > whois khazad
Khazad -- Death is like an analogy is:
Level: 42 Age: 20 years old
Class: Warrior Race: Dwarf Sex: male
P-kills: 0 Deaths: 17 Mob Kills: 2530 Quest points: 1

I had passed in an exam for a job on the government and started working this week on Serpro. Moved to Brasilia. Job description: "Our platform is Windows. All our systems are in ASP (HTML + VBScript + JavaScript) and Visual Basic." I can hardly wait for my MSc on computer science to be approved so that in March I go back to Campinas and quit this job with a long letter about how wrong is spending tax money on M$ licenses. At least I'm in one of these CMM places where I'll probably draw millions of diagrams and never get to see a line of code (yeah, calling ASP code is dirty).

P.S.: at least Serpro's ping time to my MUD server is smaller than my previous job's link. Warrior Dwarf, level 38 and going.

Just a quick update on the firing: They fired all 9 employees in the Campinas office, which is being closed. They tried to convince the first ones to go, like me, that it was a single dismiss, but later on monday we found out everyone was gone and the office was going to be closed. One of the managers opened his own company and stole the maintenance and support contracts from us, outsourcing it.
I can't join the development of the WinCE apps because the company doesn't have enough licenses of the CE toolkit (eVC++ wouldn't work on some older Jornadas and Compaq C-series). I can't join the development of the server-side app because the high bosses consider it to be in a frozen state and no one but the original developers can touch it. I was assigned to a database reverse engineering task which the Solaris server's memory and Oracle's rollback segments just can't handle (and DBAs refuse to extend or add more of them).

Today, after getting there 2 hours late (and I called them early to say that I'd be late) because I was in the university choosing my MSc program for 2002, I was fired for 1. not accomplishing the db reverse engineering task (not my fault, give me more storage or reduce the database) 2. being late 3. setting all my NT fonts to Anghertas of Moria. (and they discovered #3 because everybody logs in the NT workstations as administrators, same password everywhere).

I should be sad, but somehow I just am not.

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