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I work for Helix Code. I used to work for Slashdot.

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Gladiator is going to kick ass. 18 people are on the list so far.

Hi JB318. Glad to see you on Advogato.

I need better diary entries. Perhaps doing more hacking would help. Discovered EveryBuddy. I may have to work on something like this with Wojtek, as he is also interested in instant messaging.

I know Latin. I seem not to be the only one.

Who knew bowling was so much fun? Went bowling with Stefan, Lauren, and Simon last night. The world of bowling is not ready for me. I actually broke 40 points in two of the games :) Actually, by the end of the last game, I was getting pretty good. Threw a bunch of spares and strikes to finish the night off. Will have to do that again some time. U-571 followed, which was also quite good.

Other than that, my life is quite boring. Got all A's on my report card for the first time. Did a good job speaking about Helix Code to the YHSLUG. Linux Journal also finally printed my article, which I am not really sure I like that much anymore...

Oh dear

This morning sucked. My dad felt that it would a good thing to stay up until after 3AM, and keep me up with him. He had the TV in the kitchen on so loud that I could literally tell he was watching the British Grand Prix. Then he decided to go downstairs and use the loudest IBM clicky keyboard in the house. So I slept late, since my mom was going to pull me out of school for a TB test anyway.

I hate needles. I cried, as usual

So finally, school with the new haircut. Approval was overwhelming. A few people laughed at me, but almost everyone seemed to like it. Basically, it's made me realize how shitty people thought my old one was. I think Stefan described it as a "goober haircut".

My dongles arrived, no thanks to UPS

So I migrated most of my stuff to the new laptop, including GTicker. Of course, it didn't want to work on the laptop. So I tried commenting out three lines of code, and it seemed to work. Uncommented them and it worked fine. It didn't work with or without those lines for Dan Mueth, and it seemed to work just fine without any messing from Jacob. Weirdness. So then I fixed a bug where you would get valid XML, but not valid RDF. Now, I basically need to make the config dialog less dumb. I don't know what I was thinking, putting one entry for host, and one for filename. I should have just had one for URL, and that is what I am going to do. So, it should be finished tomorrow, including documentation.

More boringness

This weekend was basically the highlight of my spring break. Alex decided that he needed cookware, a blender, a VCR, and maybe a TV. So we decided to go to the mall. The first mall we went to didn't have a Sears, so we decided to split. We were there for about 10 minutes, but they still charged us for parking. Bastards.

So we headed to Tyson's. After browsing the cookware section of J.C Penny for an eternity or two, Alex just said "Screw it, I'm going to buy it online." Alex also decided to be silly and buy a $70 "watering can". Silly Alex. Then I introduced him to Orange Julius, or a generic derivation thereof. Thankfully, he had some sense left, and loved it. We ended up having two each, actually. Yummy

So then there was not much left, except to stop by the CD store. Thankfully, they had the Spaceballs DVD out on the shelf early, so I snatched that immediatley. It has provided me with much amusement since. Then, at last, we were off to our final destination: Eddie Baurer. nym apparently loves cashmere socks, so I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. But of course, they do not stock them :(

The rest of the weekend was basically spent struggling with GTicker, which is now in a decent state. It is almost documented, and very configurable now. Use It(TM).

Ahh, much better

I (finally) did my income taxes for the first time this year. Even though Andover didn't withhold, I only ended up paying $241. Next year I should get a refund, as Helix is withholding. Doing taxes didn't actually seem so bad, though I did have TurboTax to help me through the process. Of course, this is assuming my e-file application was accepted...

I finally bought myself a new laptop. A Sony VAIO PCG-505TR. Only a Pentium MMX 300 with 64MB, but that should be fine for light hacking and mailreading on the road. Thankfully, it has better battery life than my last laptop (VAIO Z505SX, which will soon be my sister's). It says 3-6 hours with the supplied double-capacity battery, but I tried it last night and only got 2:54. Still, better than the 12 minutes I was getting before. Maybe I'll get a quad-capacity battery :)

So, SlashApp. Soon to be renamed GTicker. I finally got that configuration dialog working. Now all that's left is to get it working with different panel orientations. Seeing as how I saw some documentation on that earlier today, it shouldn't be too hard. I was even able to stay off IRC for most of the time :)

Decided I need to visit shaver's new place when he moves in, as he requested my presence.

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