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i recently had the job of "Web Maintainer" dumped on me from * let me start to apologize now.

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Stepmothers Day

My Dad was beautiful this mothers day. I invited him over, finally to see my computer. My brother would have been more comfortable if the apartment had been cleaner; i was comfortable with it.

Dad brought Sheirly over (that is how he had had her name misspelled in his little brown address book, iirc), so apparently we were all comfortable with that as well. I handed Sheirly a stack of photos and sat my dad down at the computer. She had a hard time comprehending the photos in her hand, but dad was marveling at the quality of the sound of the oggs coming from the crappy speakers.

I grabbed an xterm, and showed him ls said "el ess". He got that. Then I told him to type sl "es ell". I showed him how to get to those other terminals, which interestingly enough, look much much fbetter than the others lately. "Dad, bb". Then I showed him my summer vacation plans. And described some of my recent challenges at my crap job.

Sheirly finds her voice. She suggests that I try to find state funding and perhaps some of those fda approved medicines (which i have yet to find the grading critereon for) that will help me to settle down, find a nine to five job, and probably be able to join her family at Thanksgiving this year to watch a nice football game. Admittedly, this was quite appealing. Since Democracy seems to be slipping away I have been considering getting a tv again to help me to get over it; this suggestion of hers might help me to be able to figure out what we are doing now and do it a bit better than I am.

I told her that I was glad she married my dad, since she had settled him down and did a lot of fun things. Encouraged him to make money and pay his bills and not buy other peoples garbage. She agreed with me that these were all good things and politely left my apartment.

Dad said, "What do you need?"

I told him I only needed a smile from him. That is the only thing he forgot to give me before he took off to figure it all out.

Then he told me something that made me reconsider Sheirly's idea again; he is getting too old to take care of the big yard, medium sized house and giant basement and would be moving to a condo. He told me that he wasn't ebaying his very cool stuff, that he was throwing it out. Hell, if he would have put it on eBay, my brother would have found it and paid good cash for it. I told him to stop throwing it out if it hurt him. He said that it all hurt to throw out. I told him to give it to me, and to tell me why it hurt to throw it out. He doesn't own garbage. He never did.

He told me that he would be going fishing until this Friday. I need to call his house and see if Sheirly went with him, because that is what made me like her and let her take him. They spent their honeymoon fishing. Not the catholic church honeymoon, but the courthouse honeymoon, the real one. She needs to be fishing with him now.

For her, for stepmothers day, I consider the other wedding, the one in the church. In order to consumate the marriage, she had to tell god that she wasn't really married when she had her four very wonderful children. I wonder what gifts you get from this sort of child.

I hope everyones step mother had a nice mothers day.

i keep having tv flashbacks, and it has been rough. i think that my 5th anniversery without tv is May 18, so i blame these flashbacks on that. similarly, it takes 6 weeks for an aspirin to fully leave your system.

there is one episode in M*A*S*H that keeps popping into my thoughts over and over again; one of the later episodes when Margaret Houlihan was married to Donald Penobscott. Margaret was anxious to hear that her leave is approved and tears apart Radars immaculate office screaming "Donald needs me!" for most of the episode. fun stuff! i don't remember much about Donald Penobscott, just that he drove a jeep into the camp sometimes and smoked a cigar. better than frank burns i guess ...

this sure seems like a lot to go through simply to discuss a favorite scene from an old movie, but some things are worth a little effort.

the movie is Other Peoples Money with danny devito, as well as some other noteable actors. the critics were not as fond of the movie as i was.

the scene i keep thinking about is the scene where the wife of the family owned company (piper laurie) was appealing to "larry the liquidator" not to break up the steel cable company. after she left the room, danny devito artfully patted himself on the back and complimented himself for bringing the best out in people.

and he deserved this pat on the back.


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