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My diary is now BLX compliant (as can be seen on the front page of my site), because I don't have the energy to tell louie to bugger off. Like he's never talking shite.

25 May 2004 (updated 25 May 2004 at 22:57 UTC) »

Back from Cannes. It was a great week, in the sun, and in the dark rooms. We had a nice Saturday evening with teuf, who I'd like to thank again for hosting us on the way to Cannes from Marseille.

The rest of the week was a mix of films in the little cinemas around town, showing the films on the edge of the Festival, shopping, beaches, and nice french restaurants (I greatly advise the Brouette de Grand-mere). I managed to catch the FA Cup final, in the (proper!) irish pub Morrisson's, and we also went to St-Honorat. Really nice place to chill, and have a picnic in the Sun. Damn shame that the batteries of my newly bought digital camera chose the exact time we arrived on the island to die... And the monks don't seem to sell batteries.

Watched l'Apres-midi de M. Andesmas, Hiroshima mon amour, Dona Flor and her 2 husbands (The must-see, it's available on DVD), Soy Cuba ("I am Cuba"... Did our corporate see that film? :), Les aventures extraordinaires de Michel Strogoff (Sniff, my childhood watching Albator...), Somersault, Noite Escura (which isn't even showing in IMDB!), Innocence (Ghost In the Shell 2! Rawk!), and Life and Death Of Peter Sellers. In addition to that, I saw Sur mes levres and les Valseuses. Quite unfortunately, I'll have to go with the normal crowds to see Faranheit 9/11, Shrek 2 and the Battle of Algiers...

Update: I completely forgot about the GNOME stuff... Level on the modules side, as I took over nautilus-cd-burner (mehehe) from Alex, and got released from any "I am not the maintainer, dammit"-hacking on libgtop. All your CD/DVD drives are belong to me.

14 May 2004 (updated 14 May 2004 at 18:29 UTC) »

Watched Shaun of the Dead. Also watched far too much Family Guy for my own health... Bad Bastien on which we used to relyyyyyy.

I got myself a promotion, I'm now officially a Software Engineer, and hopefully doing more code than anything else. I'm gonna fix myself some bugs.

Heading to Cannes on Saturday, hopefully teuf will remember that he's hosting us for the night. The guy at Empire just can't spell Benoit Poolv.. Poelv... Yeah, that guy out of Man Bites Dog.

My dad is quite the philatelist, and I managed to find some SF-mounts on a UK website. Don't worry, I only know what SF-mounts are because my Dad showed them to me ;)

Went to Plan B in Brixton, very good evening down there. Managed to blast a dookie on the Clapham Commons. It took me so long, I could have been with Kevin Spacey (that't not my joke ;).

GmDNS release soon. It passes all the robustness tests. I'm working out some uses, and I'll probably do the release as soon as I've been able to test the thing in "Real Life".

After my Mum told me that even she had one, I got myself a cheap digital camera (cheap by digital cameras' standards...), a Fuji A210. Works out of the box on Fedora, it's light, the pictures are good, only thing is that the cradle is expensive (cradle + batteries + 128 xD card + a camera bag= ~ £120, that's the price of the camera itself, damn them accessories).

My housemate spent the whole day on Orkut, which sums up the reason why I'm (still) refusing invitations.

As the conversation changed in the office, and checking on the net for details, it looks like the French Berlusconi (aka Bernard Tapie) is now playing a detective on French TV. Oh, the irony.

6 May 2004 (updated 7 May 2004 at 00:13 UTC) »
hub: gmdns doesn't have a web page, or even a release. As long as you understand what it does (it's a Multicast DNS Responder) and where it sits in the super-duper Rendez-vous stack (that article should be a good starter), the API should be self-explanatory. The only problem is, as I could see tonight, that gmdns (and therefore its ancestor mdnsd) fail all of Apple's robustness tests (multiple TXT records, large TXT record, large NULL record). I've never written code that poked directly with DNS, but it looks like I will have to soon.

Watched Final Destination 2.

Update: not so grim, and not so gross, gmdns passes 2 of 5 robustness tests, after a bit of hacking. The rest might pass, it's just not tested :)

As RossBurton is mentioning that Michael Moore's latest film has been banned from release but showing in Cannes, I was finishing off laying out my plans for this great film festival. So I'll be going there with Danielle to live it up, gatecrash a few parties, and see a whol'lotta films. It's going to kick arse.

Played a good bunch with gmdns. I committed a bunch of patches to the current CVS. Still trying to get a(nother) Linux-based mDNS implementation running, jmdns didn't run fuck all (that's Java for you), and mono barfing out trying to compile mDnsResponder.net. At least our good ol' C version works ;)

5 May 2004 (updated 5 May 2004 at 11:20 UTC) »

Went to Nando's. The real Nando (my workmate Hernando, the Nandotastic) reckons his mum's chicken is better, I'm sure. Watched Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

Committed my Musicbrainz patch to xine-lib. Now, I just need to hack the use of Musicbrainz in Totem. That will fix the hangs/long delays when playing back a CD for the first time, and allow us to use the same database as Sound-juicer for titles and all. Hopefully RossBurton will accept my patches to save/modify the database on-disk, rather than always relying on the network.

Didn't know I was on Fedora People. I'm a Fedora contributor now? I didn't know about that either ;)

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