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The Man still won't let me work on GCC and I've barely touched any other open source code ... which might have contributed to my lack of enthusiasm for any programming recently. I'm no longer prepared to work for a company that won't let me work on whatever I want in my free time.

slef, I don't know about the business banking, but HSBC's personal banking works fine. HSBC's shitty credit card website only works in Internet Explorer though - not even in Firefox on Windows. This from a site that claims to offer "Full online account servicing"

10 Nov 2006 (updated 10 Nov 2006 at 15:09 UTC) »

damn, robogato's quick at fixing things! I, for one, welcome our new robots.net master

Yes, since the recent site update all projects have vanished and I also see that diaries still appear on recentlog after a user account has been marked as spam and deleted (see e.g. phpgurru's diary entry below - not 100% certain phpgurru was a spammer btw, people might have been a bit triggerhappy there!)

As ncm mentioned, multithreading in C++ seems to be going in the right direction, though I've not had time to follow it in the last 2-3 months. There are also very cool things like variadic templates coming. I hope I'll be contributing to libstdc++ again before all the interesting new work is done!

25 Oct 2006 (updated 25 Oct 2006 at 15:45 UTC) »
michaelemma, WTF was that meant to be?
10 Oct 2006 (updated 18 Oct 2006 at 09:16 UTC) »

Nice work on the new features, robogato! Thank you.

If anyone wants to test the spam rating feature, eastshore4jon is a spammer of some kind, and so is every user they've cert'd and been cert'd by, they're all part of a failed attempt to beat the trust system. linkman and balls are definite spammers too, along with their "friends" JH, Moor, Grad etc. Unleash your spam flags, advogatans!

The only change I don't like so far is replacing "diary" with "blog" ... but I can live with it.

Update: hoorah! eastshore4jon is deleted - start from necromnium instead if you want to flag that ring of fake accounts as spam. Update: another piece of the ring has disappeared - start at Dreamwielder instead, or alphajrr, or shinobi44 or Hak or Blink or Bill1 or Ball, Doomer, Spacewalker Akira01, 0dragoon0, browniephae, crucio, deadeye2004, Dreamrender, gabby2010, homiekun, jquchiha

not many left now: Hazardouskid Naruto9486 narutofreak2 pojun666 rhox Robin7 Tib

lloydwood, the activity stats come from downloads and webpage views, as well as commits and bug/request/support updates - so if you have lots of users it doesn't necessarily matter how often you update it. While I agree it's a lot more than half, PStreams is very quiet, but not dead, and is in the 89th percentile, so let's say 88% are dead :-)

The end of Advogato?

Like many others, I don't blog anywhere else (I barely write anything here!) and have always enjoyed advogato's recentlog. I've found it very educational, entertaining, and a great way to learn about lots of projects that I would never have actively sought out. I would be very sorry to see this site go - for years it's been the first website I visit when surfing. As for the minimal interface, I've always thought it's perfect -- the content has always been more important.

Thanks to raph and to everyone who's ever posted something that I found interesting. It's been a fantastic demonstration of the trust metric and a fantastic resource for free software developers and evangelists. I hope it will continue to be.

arauzo, try find /tmp/ -name '*.net' -print | xargs rm -f

Due to a sprained ankle confining me to the sofa I've done some open-source hacking for the first time in nearly a year ... finishing the rewrite of PStreams I've been threatening for aaaaages. I still haven't got paperwork in place from my employer to work on open-source projects though. I really really must sort that out.

28 Jun 2006 (updated 28 Jun 2006 at 10:35 UTC) »
lkcl, the diary ratings are stored, and used when displaying recentlog, but are not loaded when you view someone's personal page, so you can't tell from their page if you've rated them before. As for setting the threshold, you can't. But I always view recentlog at thresh=4 - I have a link with that threshold on my homepage and when I type "adv" into firefox's location bar the first match is recentlog.html?thresh=4 - which works for me.

As for lost personal details - on the several occasions it happened to me I noticed that my certs no longer appeared on my personal page, but were still applied in the trust metric (I was still a journeyer, despite no certs being shown on my page). IIRC the certs you've received are denormalised on your personal record, but as long as the person who gave you that cert hasn't been wiped the trust graph will still use that cert. Or something like that, I haven't looked at mod_virgule for years. I've recorded some observations on lost accounts in the diaries for redi and returnoftheredi

21 Jun 2006 (updated 21 Jun 2006 at 16:38 UTC) »
lkcl, have I misunderstood, or does thresh=4 not work for you?

There's a large attack going on, with dozens (maybe hundreds) of new accounts (see front page) created and cert'd as Apprentice by 3 other names, linked alphabetically, check out persons Alyhlftye25 - xdbenjidx and all the names in between (not linking to their pages to deny them googlejuice)

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