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dm rant

We Linux users are so proud of our multitask/multiuser system. We love having a separate /home partition for user data, and we love that each user in the system has his own little space in the system.

We put up telecenters where lots of people are able to remotely connect to a machine, and they all share the same server as if there were actually many computers running.

Now, why is it that we can't simply do:

  • Lock the current session
  • and start a new session with a new user?

It does seem like it's so simple, doesn't it? MacOSX and WinXP have this figured out years ago, and we multitask/multiuser Linux people can't do it.

No, the gdm "Start new session" doesn't count because you actually can only execute that before you lock the current session. You can't do it if you've locked the session already. Which totally misses the point of it, IMHO.

And yes, there are hacks. But they're just that, hacks... each one of them i've tried has some kind of annoying usability problem.

Phew... after spending hours playing with gdm/kdm/xdm/mdkkdm to get this working, i had to put this out, sorry.

On building distributable linux binaries

Andrew, also take a look at Autopackage. These guys have been doing lots of research about all issues concerning distributable linux binaries, and what's great is they're producing lots of documentation, not to mention some nice tools to make your life easier.

In this tutorial, you can find a chapter about binary portability.

And for crazy/interesting thoughts about software deployment in general, read this "dream" Mike Hearn had of having some kind of linux desktop platform.

Speak Java?

Java is now the most popular language on Sourceforge projects.

1. Java (16772 projects)
2. C++ (16754 projects)
3. C (15956 projects)

JG point release

Andrew says we should make a point release of Java-Gnome in a week or so, so everybody: if you've got stuff to commit, please do it within a week ;)

A new planet is born

Here's a new planet you should watch on your agregator: Planet Autopackage! Yay!

Tango and Oxygen

I already knew about Tango, but now just found out about Oxygen, which apparently is an "arm" of the Appeal project.

Apparently there are some nice similarities between Tango and Oxygen... both apply this outline to icons, and they seem to use almost the same color palette (Oxygen's palette has a few more colors). A very Firefox-ish thing. One interesting thing in Oxygen is that they have a "normal" color palette, and a "vibrant" color palette. Maybe that's an interesting concept.

Oh well, i just hope these folks shake hands and would create a unified (in one way or another) icon set for the free desktop.

Buy CONISLI t-shirts

The folks that organized CONISLI are going through a financial situation. The company that was helping make it happen decided, few days before the event, that they wouldn't do it anymore.

So some folks took the responsability of making it happen, pay the bill. You can buy t-shirts and bags to help them. They need to sell 300 t-shirts and 100 bags to raise R$7.000.

Back from CONISLI

I just for back from CONISLI 2005. The event could've been a little bit more organized, but it was nice, it was fun definitely.

It was also my first time in São Paulo. What can i say? What a messy huge town, if you wanna know. Everything's too big, too distant, and too gray. But it was cool anyway.

Oh!, oh!, i bought an Elliott Smith album!! Yaaay. It's just impossible to find anything by Elliott here in Salvador; so i couldn't waste the opportunity of buying it in Sampa. Also bought 2 albums by the Teenage Fanclub. Now, i just don't want to talk about how much it costed $$$ me... (ouch)

Let's talk about Free Java

I've got an invitation to give a talk about Free Java in a uni here, and i was taking a look at the slides i presented at the beginning of this year, at the II Festival -- it's great to literally see how Classpath improved since then.

Gimp X Drawing shapes

(Please don't take this as trolling!)

So, today i was making some quick images for a presentation, when i decided i wanted to draw some circles in one of them. As the nice Gimp user i am, i thought "ok, that's a job for Inkscape...", and then i suddenly realise there's no Inkscape installed on that machine. "Hm, let me download it... hmmm... nopes, no internet connection".

"So, Gimp's all i got. I know Gimp can make circles. But how is it? I remember it's something with the selection tool... hmmmm...", i take some chances filling a selection and all that, but i just can't remember what goes next... and then i just gave up, made some ugly circles with a pen.

The point of that story is: i used to turn my back on the people who complained "hey, Gimp doesn't have a shape drawing tool!", replying that "That's Inkscape's job", and sending them a link to the Gimp tutorial... but... ermm... really, why, oh why can't Gimp have a basic shape drawing tool?

I'm not talking about full drawing support (that's for Inkscape), but just some tool which will automatically do the "select-fill-shrink-cut" steps so the user don't need to memorize it. That'd be very handy.

PS: I don't know if i'll file a bug about that because i know probably 2,000 people already did that, so...

28 Aug 2005 (updated 28 Aug 2005 at 01:44 UTC) »
Big Media in Brazil (Part II), and sad news for FOSS

Found this excelent article about the big media in Brazil; a must-read for anyone that cares.

I had previously expressed my feelings about the big media in Brazil, specifically concerning Free Software, and the Veja magazine.

But now that we're going through this huge political crisis, the subject has been on my mind like it never had. I hate conspiracy theories, but there hasn't been a day ever since the crisis started that i haven't wondered if this isn't a "big media game" to break down our current government.

They won't admit it, but fact is, the big media hates our president (Lula), and that article just goes to show they'd do everything to take him out.

The article is an analysis of how the Veja magazine (one of biggest here) treats social movements (Free Software anyone?), often with lies, made-up facts, even racism; and how they quickly change subjects to suit their political visions. If there's bad news about their "enemies", they'll bash it till the end. If there's bad news about their allies, they talk about sex, life, nature -- any smalltalk to "distract" the mass of readers from the problem.

The article also shows how the media in Brazil is extremely monopolized. In other words, you're always seeing the same opinions about a subject because all those magazines and newspapers you read, they all belong to the same few companies. They control what you see. Muppets.

And there's much more, read that article.


Sergio Amadeu leaves the government

Talking about the crisis and Veja, now it's official: Sérgio Amadeu has left the government. A very sad happening for FOSS in Brazil.

After the crisis begun, changes in the government made the FOSS campaign fragile. Up to the point Sergio Amadeu felt there was no point anymore in trying to go further with this cause in this government, i believe.

Oh, what does that have to do with Veja? Well, one of the main anti-FOSS guy in the government is the new minister Hélio Costa. Talk about FOSS and he'll say "no" and do all he can (and he has the power) to stop it. But what does that have to do with Veja? Guess what... the guy used to work for Veja! Small world, indeed. Now, enough of conspiracy...

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