BattleTech® has a specific format style for many of the words found within its fiction as well as an overall aesthetic. Submitted manuscripts must adhere to this style guide. Any conflicts between this guide and published material are erroneous; in most cases newer material trumps older.

The following words must always appear in the form shown below:

BattleMech, OmniMech, ’Mech, MechWarrior, BattleTech, Classic BattleTech, DropShip, JumpShip, WarShip, aerospace and conventional fighter (no caps), OmniFighter, and ProtoMech. It is important to note that the word ’Mech must have the backward apostrophe (facing away from the M): ’Mech, not ‘Mech.

All BattleMech, ProtoMech, aerospace fighter, small craft, DropShip, JumpShip and WarShip units (as well as the vessel name in the case of DropShips, JumpShips and WarShips) should be italicized. For example: Atlas, Stuka, Oceans of the Stars a Union-class DropShip.

Other italicized words include all foreign language and ranks (with the exception of the Lyran Alliance/Commonwealth ranks) as well as traditional Clan words: ja, wakarimas-ka, Tai-sa, seyla, surat. Epigraphs (the location and date stamp seen in chapter headers) are italicized as well, as are quotations taken out of the body text and placed as a header.

’Mech and aerospace fighter variant/configuration designations, such as AS7-K and STU-K15, are not italicized. Additionally, vehicles and all infantry, including battle armor, are not italicized.

Any command military number designation equal to or under 100 should be spelled out. For example: Twenty-first Galedon Regulars and Ninety-seventh Adder Sentinels. While any over (222nd Cobra Fang) retain their numeral designation; never use superscript for such designations.

Clan commands are always capitalized. Such as with Point, Star, Nova, Trinary, Supernova, Cluster, Galaxy, and Touman. Clans do not have an "officer" or "enlisted" corps. They have trueborn and freeborn, and every rank is a regimented form of their "Warrior Corps." These include Point Commander, Star Commander, Star Captain, Star Colonel, and Khan which are capitalized.

The term "House" generally does and should apply to one of the five ruling dynasties. House Davion. House Steiner. House Marik. House Liao. House Kurita. The rare exceptions will occur if dealing with Confederation Warrior Houses and Clan Bloodname Houses. These should be detailed as follows: Warrior House Dai Da Chi, the House of Ward. Other ruling families or important noble lines may be referred to as "ruling lines" or "dynasties" or another appropriate description.

"Clan" should be capitalized whenever referring to the descendents of Kerensky. Clan Jade Falcon. I am a Clan warrior. The Northwind Highlanders also use the term "clan" of course, and should be capitalized only when used with a proper name: Clan McDougal. Yakuza clans are not capitalized excepted when used as part of a full name: the Nogachi Clan.

Every faction within the BattleTech universe:

  • Has its own military, with distinct uniforms and rankings (this includes national emblems, as well as visual representations of every rank insignia, medals and so on). You can find specifics on these in the Field Manual series. Placing a story within the Free Worlds League and using the rank Leftenant is not appropriate.
  • Has a specific flavor, detailed in numerous sourcebooks: the original House books and Clan books, and more recently in The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky and Inner Sphere sourcebooks; both of which can be found on almost in their entirety. This can and does include spoken languages (the Clans in particular have an entire glossary of terms used; also including always capitalized words such as Bloodname, Bloodright, Circle of Equals, the Founder and so on), specific titles of nobility, general dispositions towards other factions within the universe and so on. Though stories usually deal in the exception, a male Landgrave ordering Canopian women about on Canopus isn't likely to fly.
  • Has a specific aesthetic for combat, especially between ’Mechs. The specific descriptions of large-scale weapons can be found in the BattleTech Master Rules, Revised, while the Technical Readout series provides a wealth of information on actual machines, including what they look like, what weapons they mount, where they are produced, who manufactures them and so on. However, with over seventy published novels, a specific style of weapons fire, movement and interaction has evolved; any person wishing to submit fiction for BattleCorps would be advised to make sure, regardless of differences in style that all types of combat falls within the established parameters.
  • Has a wealth of named personnel equipment. These exist in such sources as the Classic BattleTech RPG (MW3) and Lostech. Please do not simply invent your own equipment out of hand.
  • Has a very specific method of space travel, with each star system effecting how far and how fast DropShips and JumpShips can travel between stars and planets; numerous planets have such information detailed in many different sourcebooks. Such information can be found in several locations, including AeroTech 2, Revised, Explorer Corps and BattleSpace, to name a few.