About us

Liglass Trading is a Czech Trading and Investment company founded in 2003 and is a known renewable player, constructing, owning and operating ground photvoltaic plants ("PV plants") and hydro plants throughout Europe.

Liglass Trading is divided in two sub division with the following main features:

Investment division

Mainly focused on equity investment to projects and financing matters solved with local banks.

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Construction division

Focused on trading and development activities, acting in particular as the EPC contractor.

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Experienced player in the renewable energy industry all over the world.

LTD with its partners is involved in projects with cumulative power more than 1 GW of Hydro and PV.

Involved with its partners in different transaction an aggregate value of more than 2 Billion USD.

Focused on increasing the assets by developing PV plants and hydro.

Robust management, broad international network of contacts, and extensive knowledge across key industries.

Experienced player

with numerous projects developed

Track record

Greenfields assets located in different regions with consistent performance

Proven investment record

with Investment / co - investment in solar and hydro

Management team

is strong and experienced


which is strong and solid with top tier companies in renewable


of the company in two segment for better optimization

Company overview

A brief history of Liglass Trading

  1. Liglass Trading was founded in 2003 as a trading company mainly engaged in buying and selling goods in Czech Republic and abroad.

  2. During 2006 Liglass Trading started the importation of solar panels, and then other technological elements required for the construction of photovoltaic power plants such as inverters, structures and cables.

  3. In 2007 Liglass Trading starts the Co-EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) role in which was responsible for solar modules and investor in several project in Czech Republic.

  4. On year after, in 2008, Liglass Trading connected his first project in Rodvinov and speed up the finalization of all the other pv projects on its pipeline with a combined nominal power of 45MW.

  5. During 2009 Liglass Trading expanded also in Slovakia and start its cooperation with Green Capital a boutique investment banking with expertise in green infrastructures investing and corporate finance in the renewable energy sector.

  6. In 2010 Liglass Trading thanks to his expertise and connection start to export and sale solar panels and other elements in Europe with a focus in Slovakia and exponentially increased its role in construction as well as he started to invest directly in European projects.

  7. During the following years Liglass Trading expanded its presence in the sector investing directly or through a JV and he also expand is construction division becoming a mid size player in Europe especially Italy and UK with the construction of a 6.7MW portfolio in Italy, a 22,5MW in Romania and in the recent years with a 9,1MW portfolio in United Kingdom.


    During the same years Liglass Trading expanded its presence also in the hydro market with its involvements in a 12,5MW hydropower plant in Serbia as well as in a 3,7MW hydropower plant in Italy.

Corporate structure

Management structure