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Who needs hackers when you've got Covad?

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By Glenn Davis

Published on January 25, 2001

From: Glenn Davis
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2000 2:10 PM
Subject: Who needs hackers when you've got Covad?

At 9:38 pm PST, on Wednesday, Project Cool, one of the leading sites for web developers, and all sites associated with it (The Web Standards Project, for example) went off the air. We still don't know why. But it wasn't hackers.

We're still waiting for Covad, the leading supplier of DSL connectivity for business, to bring us back up. The responses we've gotten via our ISP from Covad have been, from someone who's supposed to be the best at DSL connectivity, inadequate at best. In fact, their first response was when we learned that they only have staff hand from 8am to 5pm to handle DSL problems. Excuse me, but isn't Covad the supposed leader in DSL connectivity for businesses? Second strike for Covad was when they told us that it would be Monday before anyone could look at it.

My ISP (Network Architects (888.755.4900) has been getting completely mixed messages and have been beating their heads up against Covad's brick wall. We've gotten story after story. One story was that they installed software that was incompatable with their hardware and now can't reprovision lines. The current story is that they can't fix it until 2am Saturday morning. 53 hours after we went down.

In a day when people are worrying about hackers blocking access to a business's website, sometimes it just takes incompetence from the leading supplier of DSL for businesses.

Project Cool, The Web Standards Project, DevSearch, A List Apart, HighFive [editor's note: link removed],, are all inaccessable. No nameservice, no email, no web access. Nada, zip. For a day and a half so far.

As you can see, I've had to create an alternate email account just to contact people.

Glenn Davis
Project Cool, Inc.

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