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Garrett Dimon

Garrett Dimon

Former Columnist

Dallas, Texas
Personal Web site/Portfolio:
Memorable Quotes:
"If it needs instructions, it probably doesn't work."

Digital Web Articles

  1. Architecting CSS

    Published on July 18, 2005

  2. Microformats Primer

    Published on November 14, 2005

  3. CSS Typography

    Published on January 16, 2006

  4. Just Build It: HTML Prototyping and Agile Development

    Published on March 6, 2006

  5. Build for the Future: Bend, Don’t Break

    Published on April 24, 2006

  6. Code Reviews: Write Better Code Overnight

    Published on July 3, 2006

  7. Perfection Meets Reality

    Published on November 13, 2006

  8. Markup as a Craft

    Published on January 8, 2007

  9. Coding for Content

    Published on April 23, 2007

  10. Better Web Forms: Redesigning eBay's Registration

    Published on November 12, 2007

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