Ingmar Lippert

Assistant Professor

Research interests

Science and Technology Studies (STS); Actor-Network Theory and After/material semiotics; ontic/ontological politics; sociology of calculation, numbers and numbering; performativity of economics; organisation studies; environmental management; environmental accounting; environmental practices; carbon & climate change; Pierre Bourdieu; libertarian theory and practice; encryption, security and surveillance

Digital networking and contacts

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Current key roles

Educational background

  • Postgraduate
  • Undergraduate

Current research project involvements

Currently I am involved with ITU's Energy Futures initiative. I relate to this in particular through my work on energy and carbon accounting. I am also collaborating with Steffen Dalsgaard's project "Making the Value of Carbon".


General supervision interests

  • Empirical cases I am interested in involve, amongst others, the study of
    • – situated practices of agents of ecological modernisation,
    • – situated practices and tensions in environmental infrastructures,
    • – digitality in sustainability management,
    • – techno-managerial IT devices and practices in organisations, and
    • – encryption in everyday practices (developing a sociology of encrypted communication, surveillance and privacy).
  • More particularly, I invite ethnographic engagements with the
    • – practical problems and conflicts sustainability agents encounter in their every-day work practice,
    • – situated political economy of their work realities, and
    • – material-semiotic technologies and infrastructures their work is performed with and in (involving the investigation of the particular digital devices and data practices, including mapping & GIS, spreadsheets, database work, ...)

Potential supervision projects (Ba/MSc)

  • please do get in touch with me if you are interested in any of these specific projects
    • – "environmental futures" - a discourse analysis of the promissory logics of energy, environmental, and sustainability higher education programmes; the project would draw on critical sociological work on promises, "solutions", poststructuralist and (post-)marxist critiques of "sustainable development".
    • – "environmental data practices" - an ethnographic workplace study of practitioners who administer data (eg energy data, water data, biodiversity data, ecosystem services data, meteorological data, ...); this study would draw on digital ethnography methods to do an STS study of the enactment of environmental realities.

Supervised students/projects

  • 2014
    • – Brian Gotth Poulsen and Emil Gehin (2014) "Configuring the User in Smart Grid"
    • – Ignas Kazakauskas (2014) "Managing a sustainable software development in consumeristic society"
  • 2015
    • – Stine Kondrup and Thor Underbjerg (2015) "Sustainable ownership" (co-supervised with Prof Mark Elam and A/Prof Christopher Gad)
    • – Hans Gish "An ethnographic study of the situated use of GPG within IT University of Copenhagen"
    • – Regina Norrstig "Methodologies and Philosophies of Science"
  • 2016
    • – Johanna Guldborg Skotte "Transparency and Digital communication in The Alternative"
    • – Mathias Madsen "Tracing Data" (co-supervising with Assistant professor Marisa Cohn)
    • – Giuliano Eugenio Hasberg Carette: "Critical Discourse Analysis of COP15 negotiations"
    • – Regina Norrstig "Data Surveillance"


2005 to 2016 Publications (selected)

Journal Papers

Ingmar Lippert (2016). Failing the market, failing deliberative democracy: How scaling up corporate carbon reporting proliferates information asymmetries. Big Data & Society. DOI: br76

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Ingmar Lippert (2014). Studying Reconfigurations of Discourse: Tracing the Stability and Materiality of "Sustainability/Carbon". Journal for Discourse Studies – Zeitschrift für Diskursforschung 2(1), 32–54. [download pre-print]

Ingmar Lippert (2012). Carbon Classified? Unpacking Heterogeneous Relations Inscribed Into Corporate Carbon Emissions. Ephemera 12 (1), 138–161 [download]

Ingmar Lippert (2011). Extended Carbon Cognition as a Machine. Computational Culture 1 (1).

Ingmar Lippert (2007). "Knowledge" for emancipatory education policy. fzs:magazin (2), 41–43

Books & Chapters

Ingmar Lippert (2017, in press). ‘Corporate carbon footprinting as techno-political practice’. Chap. 6 in The Carbon Fix: Forest Carbon, Social Justice, and Environmental Governance, edited by Shirley Fiske and Stephanie Paladino. Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.

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Ingmar Lippert (2010). Disposed to Unsustainability? Ecological Modernisation as a Techno- Science Enterprise with Conflicting Normative Orientations. In Yearbook 2009 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society, edited by Arno Bammé, Günter Getzinger and Bernhard Wieser, 275–290. München: Profil [download draft]

Stephan Wolf and Ingmar Lippert (2005). Higher Education Institutions on Their Way to Sustainability: Possibilities for Student Participation in Environmental Management Systems. Chap. 10 in Environmental Management at Higher Education Institutions: Sustainability Perspectives, edited by Walter Leal Filho and Bernd Delakowitz, 18:143–162. Umweltbildung, Umweltkommunikation und Nachhaltigkeit. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag

Encyclopædia Keywords

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Thesis and Dissertations

Ingmar Lippert (2013). Enacting Environments: An Ethnography of the Digitalisation and Naturalisation of Emissions. PhD Dissertation in Sociology, University of Augsburg, Augsburg. URN: nbn:de:bvb:384-opus4-21997

Ingmar Lippert (2010). Agents of Ecological Modernisation. Marburg: DAV [download] (contains MA dissertation)

Ingmar Lippert (2010). Fragments of Environmental Management Studies. Marburg: DAV [download] (contains BSc thesis)