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DSC_0227 32-5spread1JDSC_0257 AH Final copy (2)BXAHThe Marriage Whisperer Challenge                                   As I was writing The Marriage Whisperer, I thought about all of the reluctant readers out there who might be disinterested in reading a marriage self-help book AND how many of them were married to spouses who were reading The Marriage Whisperer and working to get their partners engaged in marital improvement. I came up with The Marriage Whisperer Challenge as a tool to help couples start the relationship conversation in a non-challenging and playful way.

The Marriage Whisperer Challenge is a customized deck of standard playing cards with one of  52 unique relationship tips adapted from the book on each card face. When couples use these resource cards to strengthen their relationships, they are literally “playing with a full deck in their marriage.” (Insert the emoticon of your choice here, please.)

At $7.99 per deck, these cards represent a genuine value as a marriage self-help tool. Instructions for a suggested game are enclosed, but I encourage you to be creative and make up your own rules. A game with the Marriage Whisperer Challenge cards is suitable for 1 couple, 2 players  or more couples/ players. A group of couples can get together for a unique “game night” and be energized with how the conversations and discussions fly concerning 52 different marriage/relationship topics.

Check out what happened when I played The Marriage Whisperer Challenge cards with local TV host John Pertzborn in a totally unscripted appearance. It was really cool because I had no idea what the result would be!

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