Thankfully and unfortunately, adults fail to grow out of all of child characteristics.

Mostly a good thing.


Crows are smart; but they should be smarter.

dokodemo itsudemo

Stage 1 for workaholic syndrome: feel the urge to compoot while at work.

hikkoshi no sewa

When a character in a fictional story talks or thinks about moving, it makes me think about the logistics of their move and brings me back to reality.


while (i == sandwiched between two people completely misunderstanding each other &
being the only one who is noticing it) {politeness < - nap}


Gravitational constant is correlated with seasons, with its peak in late autumn and winter [do not look for citations].


#i:’!h39% feels ok in comparison to some#04renot, for example.


Sometimes I feel like I want to go home when I am home.

natto ai

“you’re my natto” | “you’re my sauerkraut”

How could I lose? Love is incomprehensible.


Is it wrong to sigh at updates?

The honeymoon period is long gone.


Overheard in the kitchen: “C’mon guys…when I say rice, obviously, I mean noodles”

Obviously. Incoming pan mee with home-made rice…or.

kouin ya no gotoshi

First month ever to fly on a time machine.


Bottomless happiness seems more scary than being on the bottom?


I wish there was a fair weather flyer program.


Thin air beats the 45 degree gaze strategy to climbing.


I smell ice cream!

(/me bikes by a lavender field)


Is the lobster more difficult than 50 students?

Difficult question to answer.

It’s not the sharpness of the teeth that worries me; it’s the fact that triggerfish teeth look a lot like human teeth.


Would the world be morally different if humans had eyes in the back of heads too?


Any opinion saying ‘X is bad’ without a conditional statement is bad and defeatable.

If that’s true.

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