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Engage with others who share your experience as a Phoenix, past and present. Exceed expectations with support extending beyond the classroom. Inspire and encourage your community.

Making History

Inspired by a tragic life event, California State Assembly member and University of Phoenix graduate Mike Gipson earned his Bachelor of Science in Business and shares how he’s driven every day to improve the lives of those in his community.

Your Life as a Phoenix

What does it mean to be a Phoenix? We are the risers. The ones who know that if we want it, we have to go out and get it. We give blood, sweat, and sometimes tears. We are sculpted by adversity. We are made from desire and a dream, but we leave nothing up to fate. We have the skill, and we have the will. And we will not let ourselves be ignored.

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00:00:05 This is my new University of Phoenix classroom.
00:00:08 It has everything I need to be a more successful student, including giving me more ways to learn and more ways to connect with my instructor and classmates.
00:00:17 For example, on my home page, I can see this week's assignments and learning activities, the latest news from my instructor, and updates from class discussions.
00:00:27 The syllabus helps me stay organized and on top of my assignments.
00:00:31 It tracks my progress through the course.
00:00:33 I can check week by week and look ahead to see what's coming.
00:00:37 It's easy to check out my assignments.
00:00:39 I can view instructions, submit files, and get up-to-the-minute feedback from my instructor.
00:00:44 I can even locate helpful resources.
00:00:47 I can pick my own way to learn because the new classroom has a lot of different interactive learning activities, like this video, which I can play right in the classroom.
00:00:57 The class roster helps me stay in touch with my classmates.
00:01:00 It tells me right away who my classmates are, if they are online, and how I can reach them.
00:01:06 My chat tool lets me work with my classmates and my learning team without leaving the classroom, and I can even chat with my entire class through the group chat feature.
00:01:15 Since my calendar is synced to my syllabus, I always know when assignments or activities are due.
00:01:22 The new classroom even has a great mobile app that lets me study and stay in touch with my instructor and classmates.
00:01:28 Here's to doing schoolwork anytime, anywhere.
00:01:32 The new University of Phoenix classroom.
00:01:34 It's a place to discover, connect, and achieve.

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