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Wed Sep 6 00:43:10 PDT 2000

I have so much real work to do, so why oh why did I spent like an hour hacking gdialog and gcharmap. Braindamage. That's the only explanation. An alternate explanation is that I'm an ego asshole and want to get my name in as many changelogs as possible. Pick your favourite reason.

Anyway, today I realized that it IS possible to make it from home to class in 20 minutes given two conditions 1) I park in a garage that's very close to my classes 2) said garage contains an empty spot. Now #2 is the one that's usually a tougie. But on tuesdays/thursdays I have class starting at 2 in the afternoon which means it is somewhat likely that I will find a spot. Now getting out of the garage is another story as this seems to be the most car jam prone part of the campus.

Anyway, coding wise I'm doing a bit here and a bit there, not very concentrated on anything. Since I'm listed as one of the maintainers of gnome-utils I've played a "good maintainer" and fixed the build. Fixed some panel bugs/crashes as well. Nothing truly notable. I think gnome-core/applets is due for a release, now I have to convince jacob to actually do the release as he's the core/applets release-monkey. (Ever wonder how I got out of doing releases of stuff that I actually maintain? It's magic I tell you, and plenty of laziness on my part)

I've also actually read some slashdot lately. And even posted a couple of comments. Mostly when I saw somebody who's obviously taken a bit too much crack. I think people read too much into things. First, TT GPLs Qt. Cool. Some flamage, but managable. Then RMS posts about how good that is, and that he gives legal (and political I bet) forgiveness for using FSF copyrighted code, in KDE, that is making sure that GPL is applied fully. Flamage galore. Including a KDE reply saying (more politly) "fuck off RMS". Now this is what I don't get. Nobody said absolutely anything bad about anything. Yet it is always possible to just pull random flames out of ones ass. Most people didn't actually read the texts. They just read the comments. And thus subjectively responded to a subjective response, by saying something like "you are an idiot, foo is better then bar, because 2 more people like foo, and RMS is also an idiot because he likes bar, and he wants things to be called GNU and thus he is the devil".

I'm rambling ... ignore me ...

By the way, have you paid your "The World" tax to me and sacrificed 3 sheep today? Better do it soon, before I'm elected god and gain the powers to throw around lightning bolts, and lick my own testicles. Oh wait, the last is a dog thing not a god thing. But it wouldn't be too bad I don't think.

Mon Sep 4 03:00:31 PDT 2000

Hmmm ... while there are many things I should be doing (homework, things I promised, next article to IBM, reading/replying to email,...) I'm mostly spending my computing time on the panel again. A bunch of usability issues got fixed recently. Today made an attempt at the "menus larger then screen" thing. So I hacked something that looks sort of like what windows does except a bit different (because I was lazy). Many people have been pestering me about this so I hope it helps. I'm thinking of also adding a hack into the panel for the submenu navigation patch that Nils did unless that is backported into gtk 1.2. This is because I really want to have this for the panel menus in gnome 1.4. Other then that I've managed to do a whole bunch of maintainer-type-stuff in gnome-core/applets/libs(HEAD).

Outside of hacking, we went to some french restaurant with my parents saturday which was quite good. Today we went to some local theater to get a "culture" fix in the afternoon. Then there were some people over to dinner, so there was a bit of alcohol consumption and hitting balls with long sticks on a green table (pool). My dad god some really good home made slivovice (slivovice == plum brandy), 35 years old or so, for his birthday, which definately came in handy today. I didn't actually drink much, but now I have a headache (I wonder if it's from the slivovice, wine or beer, or perhaps from staring at gtk/panel code too long afterwards.)

Fri Sep 1 16:16:30 PDT 2000

Hmmm ... Long time no entry.

In the meantime, me, eskil and Robin went up to Mount Lassen last weekend to hike for 2 days. It's really nice up there. And it's about 6 (well turned out to be 7 and 1/2 given traffic) hour drive from SF. Just before we left, I also noticed that contrary to popular (well at least popular with me) belief, my classes start on monday rather then wednesday. Since we got back from the trip sunday night, I packed up and left eazel next noon. After an incredibly short drive (only around 8 hours) I got to san diego. (I took I-5, broke speed limits all the way and didn't hit any traffic). So I actually did miss the first day of school. Boohoo. On the way I also took a picture of a roadsign of a town called "Grapevine" which will serve as a sort of a "logo" in the grapevine about box. In fact it's in cvs already.

Now I'm realizing that I'm about 2 classes away from about 4 different majors after this semester, so it will be fun deciding what I will actually finish. Right now it seems like BS in CS and BA in math. Could also be just BS in math since thatsounds like more fun, and math courses aren't too packed to register into. So either way, I'm stuck in SDSU for at least another year.

Other then that, I'm feeling a bit burned out with email and thus haven't responded to many mails for the past week or so. I'll need to go through it this weekend and ignore most of it. If you sent me an email and I haven't responded, it probablymeans I haven't read it. Sending it again will probably not help since I'm not really reading the email in the first place. Then again, I might have read it and ignored it, in which case sending it again might help. The last possibility is that I ignored it without reading it.

Wed Aug 23 03:43:25 PDT 2000

Today turned out to be an unproductive day, despite a good start. Well I did talk to arlo to figure out what was needed for the new druid and started orientling myself in the druid code (while realizing that it's a piece of shit). So I basically started fixing it up in gnome-libs HEAD, killing leaks, fixing refcounting, fixing crashes / warnings. Still this might be more fun then I thought. But it at least gives me ideas about how to do a quick fixup of the nautilus cut and paste code to do what we want.

There was free pizza and stale beer (left over from fridy's beer bash) at eazel today. After work we went to lucky 13's with eskil for a beer, and now I'm trying to get gnome-libs HEAD working on my laptop.

Tue Aug 22 01:56:38 PDT 2000

Over the weekend I forgot to take my car home so I had to rely on maciej to drive me here. This proved to not work as he didn't wake up too early. So me and eskil decided we'll just take caltrain. After 3 hours we were at work. Well it wasn't that bad really because you can do some hacking on the train.

I've also found out that the bug that I've been working on all weekend (well not all weekend) was already being done by ramiro. doh! Well apparently he wants to use a bit of my code anyway. Stole a 1 hour bug from him and spent 2 hours doing it.

Eskil found x2x which is really cool if you need to work on 2 computers at the same time and want to use the same keyboard.

Sun Aug 20 15:56:36 PDT 2000

Well LWE ended up being a cool show to go to. Not because of the show itself but because of the people that went there. Most of the GNOME hackers were here which was pretty cool.

On Wednseday there was a gnome party at some local club. The day started out with a headache, so I had to go pop some aspirin to survive the party. Aspirin and vast amounts of beer kill headaches easily. Somebody at eazel thought it would be a good idea to book a suite for people to stay in after the party in case they were too drunk to drive. rebecka had an excellent idea of abusing this room for an after party. Thus after the club closed, a large contingent of gnome hackers invaded the suite. The party ranged from maciej's strange sexual encounters to "You must drrrrink comrrrade!".

The next day I missed my booth duty slot, but I've been there before and even pretended to staff the gnome booth for a bit as well.

On friday we took Ian to some steakhouse which was good, but turned out to be about $70 per person which quite sucked.

Besides all the fun and meeting interesting people, the conference was a really good pr for gnome. And not just pr. We are becoming a standard unix desktop and we are getting a new free software office suite.

Wed Aug 16 02:16:33 PDT 2000

This laptop is so incredibly cool it's not even funny. It's even faster then my alpha (but then again my alpha is 3 years old now, showing it's age). Anyway, I guess I must be a geek if I'm this excited about my laptop.

Monday was the first day of LWE, but as of date no real drinking has gone on. The first day we didn't really meet too many people and today maciej and eskil were quite incredibly tired so we went home (we had only one car anyway). Well tommorrow is the gnome party so we'll just have to make up for the lost drinking time.

LWE really sucks as a show. It's so incredibly commercial it's not even funny. We unfortunately went to the michael dell keynote. He didn't actually demo nautilus as was planned though he did mention eazel once or twice. Unfortunately the whole thing was like "Hi I'm Michael Dell, I'm cool, my company is cool, we're better bigger faster then everybody so buy our stuff". On a question of what they are doing for the community he answered something like "we sell lots of linux boxes, our profit margins are high and so people like us". Oh well, that's large commercial companies for you. When I get my own company and make billions .... ummmm ... I'll prolly be just like that and I'll be thinking ... SUCKERS!

So since I was at home most of the evening I did some hacking watched some MST2000 with steph and eskil and did a bunch of hacking (panel + nautilus). I also attempted to do laundry, but some dickhead turned off the dryer and left a note on there that it was too late or something. It was only like 9:30 or so. So my cloths rot in the bathroom now instead of being dry. Oh well.

BTW, apparently the best way to find bugs is in a tradeshow booth when showing people. I just noticed a panel bug when miguel was showing off some helix stuff.

Mon Aug 14 03:51:55 PDT 2000

Eskil just announced he needs to take a shit and read comics. I think this is an important announcement and I take it upon myself, as my duty to the humankind to announce this important event to the world. No longer shall the weak and hungry of the world wonder about what eskil does before he goes to sleep.

In other news the 1.50 beer and free bbq afternoon at lucky 13 was not on this saturday as apparently no one showed up, which I don't get. Ok it was some crappy local beer this time around and the bbq is not that great. But I think people are weird.

I'm now officially a leach as I finally conned a piece of hardware out of Eazel, well you can't call it that, because I just asked and they said "ok". So I have a cool brand new laptop so that I can actually compile nautilus and do some work. In the meantime I've done a bunch of completely unrelated stuff that was very low on the priority queue, just because I felt like that. Basically I suddenly had an urge to do things that are completely unnecessary if I can't work on the highest priority thing.

To change the topic to something completely unrelated. I've finally realized what I like about the gnome politics. It's the whole kindergarten aspect of the whole thing. Unfortunately then I read a cnn story about the reform party, which makes us look like a bunch of incredibly sane and serious individuals who are completely focused at the job at hand, rather then squabbling (again I bet I didn't spell that right) about who gets to control what completely un important part of gnome. And all this time I though we were quite silly. Darn. I've watched life of brian today and the people's front of judea (or was it the judean people's front?) fighting among themselves rather then the evil empire really seemed appropriate. I think we really need to become more silly. But then again this week is LWE, which means:

Horror movie music

Yet another conference to get drunk on with fellow gnome hackers

So there's definately a chance to become more silly, at least for a week. Given current state of affairs this will probably turn out to be quite a silly week. I intend to kill quite a few braincells and get absolutely no work done this week. Oh wait, my bosses might read this. No, I intend to work extra hours this week, shall drink absolutely no alcohol and shall sleep for at most 15 minutes a day.

As a closing comment on today's diary, eskil has apparently finished taking a shit. I haven't actually gone in and confirmed this fresh piece news, so it should be treated as a rumor at this point.

Thu Aug 10 04:40:57 PDT 2000

Saturday was a 1.50 dollar pilsner night which was quite cool. We then went to some party and saw a girl in a dress made from something resembling an electrical tape.

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednasday was basically work only. I still can't get gdb to run and now nautilus hangs on me at startup and gdb says nothing. Anyway, fun fun fun. Basically haven't done anything else except nautilus/gnome-vfs work, and that was hampered by my stupidity and gdb bugginess.

Sat Aug 5 17:15:38 PDT 2000

I've become a bit more lazy about posting here in the past few days.

Anyway, what happened? Eskil's danish friends left, matheiu got his own place and thus I'm the only leach left at eskil's, maciej's and steph's place.

At work I've started to be abused for nautilus work, which would not be so bad if I could figure out how to run nautilus in gdb. The problem lies somewhere between gdb being a buggy pile of dung and .... no wait that IS the only reason. Gdb, alpha and threads just don't mix.

Yesterday me, maciej and steph went down to zeitgeist to increase revenues for select breweries. On the way back we stopped at the local safeway to get some food and maciej apparently needed to buy some large penis shaped cactii. I bought a coconut, which turned out to be rotten inside. That blows.

Today it seems that new nautilus screenshots got posted to slashdot thus rendering eazel basically networkless. I rarely read the comments but some of these were quite funny. I love it how people form concrete opinions about software from screenshots only.

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