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Amtrak Cascades Facts

Amtrak Cascades
Each Amtrak Cascades train typically consists of 13 cars and seats approximately 250 passengers, with space for four mobility-impaired passengers.

Amtrak Cascades low-emission locomotives feature computer-controlled fuel injection, an aerodynamic body style for low drag, and a specially designed cab to insulate the crew from noise and vibration.
The European-style trains are sleek, modern
and feature distinctive evergreen and cappuccino hues on a cream background.
Panoramic windows and natural tones
inside the train are designed to showcase the spectacular Pacific Northwest views.
Hidden beneath the 7-foot-tall tail fins
at both ends of the train are baggage and service cars, which supply the electricity and lights.
The unique style of locomotive can push or pull
Amtrak Cascades trains. When trains reach the end of the route, crews turn passenger seats around and the train heads back the way it came.
Amtrak Cascades trains are designed for high-speed rail service
(current track and safety systems limit the trains to a top speed of 79 mph).
Amtrak Cascades trains feature a special technology
that uses gravity to tilt through curves while speed is maintained. This technology shortens the trip between Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, by 25 minutes. 
Each train contains power generators
that support video, air conditioning, lights and kitchen equipment.
Each Amtrak Cascades trainset typically consists of 13 cars
and seats approximately 250 passengers, with space for four mobility-impaired passengers. 
Amtrak Cascades trains are built by

WSDOT's dictionary of rail terminology.