World of Warcraft Transmogrification

World of Warcraft Transmogrification

A blog highlighting creative, innovative, or just plain awesome examples of transmog/mogging in World of Warcraft.

This blog primarily reblogs other posts, takes submissions, or occasionally, I post my own transmogs.

I don't take transmog requests at this time, sorry! There are several excellent blogs I reblog that DO, however.
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My new transmog for my DH tank :)


New mog! Finally unlocked the archaeology variant of the heroic skin.


xuzaxuza replied to your post:

His transmog is so FANCY I love it

ahh thank you! ;u; I love his new shadow outfit so much, it really inspired me to play him again 💜

here’s a handsome photo of him just for u~

This is a stunning priest transmog !!!


Conveniently, I cooked up a transmog for just such an occasion.


Here are what I consider my Amazon themed mogs


[ Akira Goldenfang - first casual outfit ]
WoW transmog for my char
-> Blood elf, beast master hunter

This is the closer (in transmog) to what she wear at the start of her adventures through Azeroth.
Until actual days, she always carry bags tied on her belt, but is fool who thinks she carries money on It: it is always full of various treats to share with beasts during taming.
The scarfs are gifts from his dad and she uses it to cover her face during the nights and to cross suspect places.


I decided to outfit Ash in a new shadow-themed transmog

and uh

I accidentally made him too handsome


New transmog, thoughts?? I really want a good trousers xmog to go with star’s design