About Japji Sahib

A universal Sikh hymn called Japji Sahib was composed by the founder of the Sikh faith Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Mool Mantra (beginning), 38 hymns (main), then the final Salok (end), all appearing in the opening verse of the Sikh Holy book Guru Granth Sahib, is what the Japji Sahib consists of. The first part of the Guru Granth Sahib starts with the Japji Sahib hymn. Japji Sahib describes the God – Waheguru – as fearless, one without any form and beyond the cycle of birth and death. Japji Sahib also emphasises that one can realise Waheguru only by the kindness of the Guru. The Japji Sahib is the most important set of verses or Bani and recited daily in the mornings by everyone who practises the faith. Jap means recite/chant, Sahib Ji is to show respect and referred to as ones soul also. Recitation of Japji Sahib helps to strengthen the soul when one feels weak, scared or sad. The powerful verses of Japji Sahib contain the wisdom of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and help relate to your higher self. Heads must be covered, shoes must be taken off when reciting any Bani in the Guru Granth Sahib.

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From the Japji Sahib

We are One with God
This is our True Identity
Doer of everything.
Beyond fear.
Beyond Revenge.
Beyond Death,
Image of the Infinite,
Full of Light
This is the Guru’s Gift ~
By thinking and thinking,
Nothing happens…
Though I may think a thousand times.
Deep in silence,
Nothing happens…
Though the string of longing plays.
The hungry people stay hungry,
With the weight of the world on their backs.
You may be incredibly clever,
But you can’t take it Home with you.
How can I live the Truth?
How can I cut through the net of lies?
Walk in God’s Will
Within and without.
O Nanak!

Japji Sahib

From Sukhmani Sahib

It’s written in your Soul. || 1 ||
In God’s Will all structures are formed,
Beyond words.
In God’s Will all Souls are formed,
And become great.
In God’s Will
We are high or low.

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