1. adiado said: On May 18, 2012

    waow wonderful

  2. These have been super helpful. Before these lessons somehow I didn’t even know there was an f command.

  3. bubu said: On April 6, 2012

    You should open a LSDJ school. I’m actually thinking to post all your LSDJ and You episodes on my website like LSDJ and You by Roboctopus, head master of the Academy of Tracking, LSDJ Course.


    • vcmg said: On April 6, 2012

      I remember I read about a couple schools actually using Gameboys and LSDJ as a teaching aid in their Music Composition classes. Really cool.

  4. samm said: On April 5, 2012

    This is awesome, I love the sounds in the last sound clip! Thanks!

  5. I wonder if I should have added something like, “I’m pretty sure bit Shifter uses this technique a lot…”

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