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Animal Waste Management in the Department of Biological and Agriclutural Engineering
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Animal Waste Management

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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)
Waste Management Programs

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EXtension. org Animal Manure Management Site

Photo of a pig sniffing grass in a field.

About AWM:

North Carolina is the #1 producer of meat and animal products in the United States. The state is second in the nation in hog and turkey production, and is fourth in broilers. North Carolina also has a strong dairy and egg production industry. Due to the importance of animal agriculture to the state's economy and environmental quality, the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and Agricultural Research Service have implemented several education and research programs. From the Outer Banks to the mountains near Cherokee, animal waste management has become a major focus both on the farm and in the classroom.


Extension faculty working in this area are:

Sanjay Shah - Animal waste management, air quality

Mike Burchell - Drainage and Water Management

Garry Grabow P. E. - Treatment lagoons, wastewater irrigation operator certification, land application, odor control, innovative treatment systems

Mark Rice - Constructed wetlands, solid separation

Research faculty working in this area are:

Jay Cheng - Methane recovery, innovative waste treatment John Classen- Innovative waste treatment systems

John Classen - Innovative waste management treatments

Rod Huffman P. E. - Lagoon seepage, groundwater, irrigation

Praveen Kolar - Energy production and value added waste management

Otto (Chip) D. Simmons, III - Environmental fate and transport of microbial pathogens
in water and air close to animal feeding operations

Ling Wang- Agricultural odor research 

Additional NC State departments with faculty having animal waste interests: