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What is EventScripts?

Mattie's EventScripts is a server-side plugin for Valve's Source Games (like Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source and GoldenEye Source).

EventScripts provides an easy-to-use scripting interface to code addons that change the gameplay or add new functionality to your game server. The EventScripts language described on this site was designed with the purpose of being easy even if you're new to scripting.

For more advanced scripting, EventScripts also supports the Python scripting language, which is discussed on

Highlights of EventScripts


  • If you're just getting started with EventScripts, start here: EventScriptsGuide.
  • If you'd like information on capabilities beyond those in EventScripts, check out the expansion plugin ESTools.
  • If you have questions after reading through the documentation here, then you should visit the EventScripts Forums or the IRC channel to ask around.
  • If you want to browse through a list of all the addons available, then check out the Addons site at
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