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Rawandz-pump's current distribution lines are different petrol station  equipments that includes:


Fuel dispenser with spare parts: We are conceder a major wholesale distributor of fuel dispenser includes spare parts (Pumping unit, flow meter,display,nozzle …ect). Deferent models of fuel dispenser with spare parts are available.


Flow meter: Use for measurement petroleum ,such us (PD) positive replacement meter , oval gear flow meter , truck meter & all petroleum flow meter measurements control.


Submersible pump & High capacity turbine pumps: Includes fuel dispensers working with submersible pump instead pumping section with deferent sizes started from 1 inch to 3 inch.


Composite Hose Assembly: Use for transfer oil (medium duty) BSP gunmetal both of ends are female (10.5 bar Working Pressure), Swivel Lug type End Fittings Swaged Each End deferent overall long (Blue Colour), deferent sizes are available.


Fueling Hose: Use to transfer oil from fuel dispenser to final destination, deferent sizes and length are available.


Truck Pump: This type of pump use to transfer petroleum and usually it fixed with petroleum tanker dedication to transfer oil.


EX- transfer petroleum motor: use to transfer petroleum, deferent specifications are available.


Other distribution lines :


Nozzles  - Meter Registry - Swivels - Breakway - Flanges - Check valves - Valves ...etc.



Welcome to World of petrol station's equipments


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