1. im sorry if this is a stupid question but how do you mess with the width of the pulse to create a different modulation

      • You gotta use the W command within the phrase or adjust the waveform on the top of the instrument screen.

      • If you’re talking about in the pulse channels, then Freque is correct.

        If you’re talking about in the WAV channel, then you have to do like the tutorial says and draw out your own pulse modulated waveform, frame-by-frame. You can then modulate that by using the pingpong/loop setting in the instrument screen (playing with different speeds and…[Read more]

        • all I feel now is shame.

        • thank you yeah i think i got it i did exactly what the tutorial said and i just didn’t know how to mess with the pulses modulation thank you so much for the explanation and thank you as well Freque i really appreciate the help

  2. this is probably extremely late as far as a post but could anybody tell me how to make the arpeggio command it sounds like something starscream/infinity shred uses and i like the sound output it gives

  3. Great tutorials! I am actually learning a LOT. One question about this tutorial:
    Where you say:
    “In the example below you can hear the width of the pulse being modulated and how it affects the sound”

    How did you get the sound at 0:07? Is it with a chord command or something?

  4. just had to log in and say BOOM! had no idea about the “16 frames (0 to F)” in the wave channel. I will have lots of fun with this

  5. Great tut! Been having tons of fun messing with PWM arps on my C64, so it’s great to know I can do it on the go, too!

  6. Hey guys, Cheapshot told me Lazerbeat posted a similar PWM way back in 2010 on cm.org. Check his explanation out too! His has a nifty table automation. http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/1779/16-step-pwm-in-lsdj/

  7. hmmm… this is quite possibly the best thing that has happened to me this week… also, you might think about doing a tutorial on arps cause I would love to hear about how you make yours so nice and crispy

  8. Glad you guys liked it.

    @vcmg but…but…a GIF! And I wrote this at work, so no video, haha.

  9. vcmg said: On March 15, 2012

    If you record video of you editing the wave screen it would solve the problem of capturing those elusive active squares. Great tutorial by the way, I should really use PWM more.

  10. bubu said: On March 15, 2012

    thank you so much sir.

  11. dammit, I was using this after last week’s tut! I was gonna be all impressive and shit.

  12. spry said: On March 15, 2012

    awesome! another wonderful explanation. also, nice gif :)

  13. I heard the “tutorial tune” before actually you posted the TXT here.
    Just awesome and great, i heard the PWM with the melody and just tought: “Just drop it with some Bass :’D ? !!!11!!!1″
    Good tutorial will try this out tommorrow.

  14. it will be your fault if i ever start using lsdj again! i was always wondering if and how one can achieve pwms with a gameboy. nice tutorial! =)

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