We'd like to know a little more about you & to disover what  our patrons like. With that in mind, we have some questions for you. You will see them this coming season at the concerts. You may use good old cut and paste to bring the questions into the email below and use that to provide answers. Unfortunately our hoster, GoDaddy, is not able to accommodate a normal feedback page.

    1) Where/how did you hear about us?

    2) Rate your experience. (1-5)

    3) How many shows in 2016 have you attended or do you plan to attend?

    4) How far do you travel to get here?

    5) What kind of music do you prefer?   Suggestions for future performers?

    6) Rate tonight’s performance. (1-5)

    7) Are you interested in helping out? (Member of the committee, set up or take down…)

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