For Performers

If you would like to be considered for a future concert, here are some things you may wish to know.

First, we book early.  We need to do this in order to qualify for a large part of our funding.  We understand that this may present difficulties for you, but  it's the way we have to do it. By June, we will have pretty well decided who will be in our lineup for the following year. By September, the performers will have been voted on, prices and needs set in writing, and we will be signing contracts. A couple of months later, the contracts will have all been finalized. That gives us time to arrange for the rest of our funding, prepare advertising, schedule community vendors, and do the myriad of behind-the-scenes tasks that we do. We have an aggressive advertising campaign, one which includes local papers, TV and Radio, posters - you will be well promoted.

What are we looking for? We are looking for performers who are entertainers, who provide a diverse selections of musical genres, yet music that will have broad appeal. And we are open to many suggestions; it's not just party bands that we employ. And it's not just rock or country music either; we also have enjoyed such music as flamenco, jazz, bluegrass, Cajun,  World Music, rockabilly,  soul, old-timey, blues, music with joint appeal to children, R&B, songwriters, salsa... It's a big musical world out there.

Since nearly all our programs take place on Tuesday evenings in July and August, we'd like to think that our venue can become an "anchor gig" for those of you who tour, a gig around which you can arrange others. That should not be so hard as it first may appear, as we are not taking up precious weekend time slots and you will have the best part of a year to fill in the rest of your schedule.

We provide a low but very ample stage, a tent canopy, cold water, close parking and a wonderful indoor venue in case of inclement weather.  We have available a talented and professional sound crew in Fairplay Sound. Both audience and performers give them frequent and well-deserved kudos. We do not provide food and lodging. This has caused difficulties in the past and if you feel you need them, please factor that into your quote to us. We will, however, gladly assist you in finding these services. They are readily available locally.

To be considered, we will need a hard sample of your act. Most groups provide CDs and they work well for us. If you have multiple CDs, please submit what which you feel best reflects the act you will provide. Please understand that web sound and YouTube videos don't cut it with us. Why? Foremost, the quality is lesser and if you want to put your best foot forward, a web source will not be it. Also, we use this music for radio ads.  AND, many of us on the committee do not have fast enough internet to make web presentations feasible or enjoyable for us. This is a small town and many of us live outside it, in the country, where web services are slower and more expensive.

If your act is strictly local, please do not be offended if we do not pick you. There are reasons, ones which have nothing to do with your abilities. We feel local bands already have local exposure; what we are striving for is to bring in talent that our community may not be so familiar with, to provide something different for our audience. They have come to expect this of us, that they may or may not have heard of the evening's performer, but they know that if Music on Mainstreet presents them, they are going to be really good. Many of our acts tour nationally. Some tour regionally. A few come from a closer radius.

The number of folks who attend quite naturally ebbs and flows with the weather. On a great night we will get 400 and if the weather is edgy... less. They enjoy the loose informality of a summer evening and the company of friends. People of all ages and from all walks of life attend, but in general the audience is a bit older and more reserved. Don't feel bad if you don't get them all dancing in the aisles and whooping and hollering; they will still enjoy you every bit as much. And you won't have to worry about drunks and crazies. We think that once you have played here, it will give you some "bragging rights". We try to be truly professional - and we try to hire true professionals.