The Great Green Bet

It was a while since my last update because of different reasons I am just super lazy, so here is nice pic for the good start – my biggest esports bet in 2017 yet:

Starladder season 3 bets predictions csgo dota 2 items

Right before the very first day of the Starladder Season 3 I made a quite big bet on DAC Dota 2 finals – Invictus Gaming should take at least 2 maps from OG at 1.738.

My brain was telling me that odds were fair enough so I can’t have any value in this bet, but you know this feeling when you just know that your bet is gonna win and today is your today and in the end your are like FUCK IT and hands are already typing all-in in bet section?!

esports betting skins all in rage dota 2 csgo starladder

Nah, JK.

Odds were nuts, admin underestimated IG for some reasons really REALLY really hard, so it cost him 5000$ plus around 250$ in bonuses. I mean odds were nuts, but did you see that game? IG has crushed OG like there was no tommorow. Like EGB chat plebs say – clin’n’izi 3-0, ty for your money, OG fangays!

PS. Starladder went fine for me too. Na’Vi rekt me a bit, but whatever.. Anyway, congrats Faze, great finals!

faze starladder season 3 betting esports csgo

(bet against G2 on img. wish they had same odds on finals!)

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