The Mission

Landing the First Israeli Spacecraft on the Moon

A New Animation Video: The Story of SpaceIL

The Story of SpaceIL

How did it all begin? Watch the story of the first Israeli spacecraft to the Moon

The Technology

SpaceIL believes in multifunctional use of every single part of the spacecraft

The propulsion .system will be used both for landing and for performing the 500 meter hop Read More

A small and smart spacecraft

Leveraging Israeli expertise in micro-satellite technologies, SpaceIL is building a small and smart spacecraft, which is also relatively cheap. The team is applying know-how garnered for a defense related necessity (satellites) to a new purpose of space exploration. Read More

The SpaceIL spacecraft is about as high as a dishwasher

Spacecraft measurements: 1.5 meters high, 2 meters wide with the legs in deployed position Read More

There is no GPS on the way to the Moon

SpaceIL will use navigation sensors in space. Read More

Meet the Team

Since its establishment, SpaceIL has scaled into a national movement comprised of nearly thirty full-time staff, dozens of enthusiastic volunteers (mostly in the education field), and a network of hundreds of renowned academics, business leaders, and industry experts. Together we can make history and take Israel to the Moon!

SpaceIL Media Coverage

Times |March 08, 2013

“Israel’s Mission to the Moon: Can a Small Country Win a Big Prize?”

Jewish Journal |February 5, 2014

“An Israeli ‘Apollo Effect’?”

Reuters |Mar 6, 2014

“Israeli scientists shoot for the moon with dishwasher-sized spacecraft”

Educational Impact

SpaceIL’s goal is to inspire the next generation of children in Israel and around the world to think differently about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). SpaceIL is committed to using the Google Lunar X Prize money to promote science and scientific education in Israel, to ensure that Israel will continue to live up to its reputation for excellence in these fields.

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SpaceIL is collaborating with a range of educational partners in the development of learning platforms, content, and curriculum. We are using the story of the spacecraft and the SpaceIL journeyto create excitement among the younger generation.


SpaceIL is working to show every child in Israel the inspiring story of the first Israeli spacecraft.