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Bloodhound was started in early 2004 in response to the outbreak of war in Darfur in April 2003. At that time human rights organisations and the humanitarian community were unable to gauge the full scale of the atrocities being perpetrated by the Government of Sudan.



Bloodhound has/is currently investigating the following subjects:

  • Lundin Oil/Petroleum in Sudan, culminating in report Justifying Blood Money
  • Darfur crisis, culminating in report The Scorched Earth of Darfur
  • War crimes in Africa (research stage only)




Feed the dog! Bloodhound needs voluntary contributions to continue its research. The three founding members gave nearly 1500 hours of their free time to produce The Scorched Earth of Darfur, and Director Phil Clarke has so far given over 4000 hours of his time on a pro-bono basis to the Oil in Sudan (Lundin) campaign, plus a further 6000 hours on another project that requires additional funding to be completed.

Your help is needed for Bloodhound to carry on. If you want to support our work, please give a donation.



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Bloodhound has no wish to become yet another generator of opinion, and will instead focus on producing detailed documentation based on comprehensive research. Most of this will be released in the form of occasional reports, or as weblinks on this site to original information sources. Content on this page will therefore change infrequently.



The Scorched Earth of Darfur (2006)

Justifying Blood Money (2013)

Time to be Counted (in prep.)

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Director Phil Clarke runs Bloodhound on a voluntary pro-bono basis and can be contacted by email at pc (a) bloodhound (dot) se


Due to time pressures Bloodhound cannot guarantee a response to all enquiries.