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Sunday, 09 Jul 2017
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Kelpvuvuzela2Anix DNA | Profile

Poverty reduction and job creation are top priorities within the South African context, pragmatic responses to these are what lie at the heart of the Anix Consulting ethos.  

Anix Consulting comprises a unique group of professionals ranging from engineers, accountants and project managers to futurists. This team plans, implements and evaluates a wide range of projects and initiatives relating to the development of the communities that form the context of the intervention. Projects are planned and implemented with the expressed intention of delivering sustainable value to the targeted communities.


Anix DNA | Background

Anix Consulting was started in 2001 as a business development entity with a poverty reduction and SMME mentorship focus. With a track record of delivery beyond expectations, Anix Consulting has established itself as a uniquely positioned brand serving a number of prominent clients in fields including; Tourism Development; Economic Development; Training; Information Technology and Business Plan Development.


Anix DNA | Modus Operandi

Anix Consulting has a strong and versatile implementation structure that allows project managers and professionals the opportunity to function optimally. At each stage of a project, stringent quality assurance standards are applied and monitoring and evaluation activities enacted.

The success of projects is predominantly measured by the degree of sustainability and tangible benefit to communities on the ground through the sourcing of local skills and the transfer of expertise.


Anix DNA | Values

• Trustworthiness
• Culture of Delivery
• Team work
• Integrity
• Culture of learning
• Respect


Anix DNA | Resources

Led by a dynamic executive management team, Anix Consulting delivers innovative leadership in the contexts within which it operates. Anix Consultings’ projects and operations are administered by a highly effective implementation team with diverse skill sets and experience.

To support Anix’s strategic vision, a network of 5 offices across South Africa have been established to cement a national footprint and ensure delivery and opportunity generation at community level.

Our Vision

About Us | Vision
Anix Consulting strives to be profitable through projects and capacity building in communities and economies.

Our Mission

About Us | Mission
To provide professional Business and Development Services, Training, Marketing and Management support to companies, government departments and institutions in all sectors in Southern Africa to enhance their capacity, efficiency and profitability.

In fulfilling this mission, Anix Consulting commits itself to:
• Aligning to government’s strategic vision and programmes
• Adopting a commercial focus that is supported by a developmental approach
• Delivering on agreed outcomes, in a professional and cost effective manner
• Providing opportunities for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) to develop into fully fledged mainstream businesses
• Actively pursuing Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) through a policy of preferred procurement
• Creating role models in the Previously Disadvantaged Communities as a source of encouragement to youth development
• Researching and producing Economic Development Strategies for Poverty Alleviation, Skills Development and Job Creation.

Executive Member

Executive Member | Rhiyaan Cupido | Chief Executive Officer


Rhiyaan Cupido, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Anix Consulting, has discovered the secret to a successful and fulfilled life: caring for others. This is not only prevalent in his company’s involvement in national, poverty-alleviation and job creation projects but also in his holistic approach to his management and staff. ‘Leading by example’ is an endemic part of his managerial tactic, the translation of which results in having dedicated professionals who imbue the same ethos.


His abiding passion for tourism and the environment, stemming from a background at SANparks, progressed to the founding of Anix Consulting which can boast success in national projects such as:
•    The Tourism Mentorship Programme – a joint effort with various government entities to develop black-owned tourism businesses.  
•    The TEP Enterprise Development Programme - Anix Consulting, in conjunction with Sigma Enterprises, assist small and medium enterprises to acquire new skills. The programme also serves as a conduit for companies wishing to enhance their B-BBEE scorecard in the Enterprise Development pillar.
•    2010 Visitor Information Centres for the World Cup where thousands of tourists had their experiences enhanced  - these centres were either constructed or upgraded and incorporated specially-developed IT systems under Anix’s auspices.


All of this, and more, was – and is being - achieved by having the best possible team of engineers, project managers and accountants in the mix of almost 300 employees.  Since the beginning of this extraordinary company in 2001, Rhiyaan and his loyal team have achieved the empowerment of disadvantaged communities in the transfer of skills – a crucial component in job creation and poverty alleviation.  This practical attitude has proven that ‘teaching a man to fish’ is indeed the route to solving current familial, financial woes in poorer communities resulting in a new attitude of self respect and the reward of feasible sustainability for affected individuals.


In his ongoing liaison with National and Provincial Government departments, Rhiyaan Cupido hopes to reach his ultimate goal – the creation of a legacy for the children of the future.

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