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The Property Institute has over 2500 members throughout New Zealand and the world. It was formed in the year 2000 to act as the voice of property professionals and lead them into the new millennium.

The principles we follow are:

  • Creating extraordinary people through professional learning and continuing professional development.
  • Exemplary ethical practice and behaviour, integrity and transparency.
  • Pursuing excellence in all areas of the property industry.
  • Being socially responsible and working responsibly.

The Institute incorporated the membership of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV), the Institute of Plant & Machinery Valuers (IPMV), and the Property & Land Economy Institute of New Zealand (PLEINZ). It now represents the interests of Valuers, Property and Facilities Managers, Property Advisors and Plant and Machinery Valuers.

Since inception, the Institute has developed into the leading professional body for standards, qualifications and ethics across all facets of the property professions within New Zealand. We work with government, industry and other professional associations, education stakeholders and the media to promote our standards and views.

Our members play an active role in promoting professionalism, ethical conduct and innovative thinking.

New Zealand Institute of Valuers

The New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV) was formed in 1938, and given a statutory role in 1948 with the passage of the the Valuers Act 1948.

The NZIV merged operations with the Property Institute in the year 2000, however, due to its duties in section 10 of the Valuers Act, the NZIV continues to exist as a legal entity itself, with the NZIV Council serving also as the Property Institute's Valuers Council. The NZIV also maintains its own Rules and Code of Ethics.

In general, operational and administrative functions of the NZIV are delivered by the Property Institute, and this relationship is governed by a Service Level Agreement and the NZIV annual budget.;

Councillors serve as representatives on National Committees with the President sitting on the Institute's Board.

The Valuers Council is currently working on implementing the NZIV Foundation, to benefit valuers and to enhance their status in the view of the public. NZIV members are welcome to provide feedback on the foundation document.

The Valuers council strategy document can be found here

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