Diabetes Community Wellness Program

The Diabetes Community Wellness Program is committed to increasing diabetes awareness within the Bristol Bay Area. The program provides diabetes education to individuals with diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational), Pre-diabetes, family members and community members.

The goal is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for diabetes self management and to empower and encourage behavioral changes for optimal health outcomes and improved quality of life. The BBAHC Diabetes Community Wellness Program meets the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education as set by the American Diabetes Association.

Contact information:
Diabetes Program Coordinator
(907) 842-9579
Fax (907) 842-9382 

Jumping for Health in Koliganek

BBAHC was presented with the John Pipe Voices For Change Award in recognition for their outstanding achievements in diabetes prevention and treatment.
Read all about it.

Sugar Diabetes
Our Story

Living With Sugar Diabetes
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Self Care Behaviors for
Diabetes Management
Healthy Eating
Being Active
Reducing Risks
Problem Solving
Healthy Coping

Hemoglobin A1c Information
HBA1c Chart
Hemoglobin A1c Handout Information
Know Your A1c

Foot Care
Diabetes Foot Care

Eye Care
Diabetic Retinopathy 2.8MB
How are Eyes and Diabetes Connected
Living With Diabetes
Vision Problems Caused by Diabetes

Blood Pressure Information
American Heart Association
Education Sheet
BBAHC Blood Pressure Handout
Blood Pressure Log Sheet
Medication Log Sheet
Prevent and Control High Blood Pressure
Selecting a Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

Medication Information For
Diabetes Management
Byetta Patient Information Sheet
Symlin Patient Information Sheet

The Diabetes Connection: Articles
Published in the Bristol Bay Times

Beans, Beans and More Beans
What Is Diabetes?
Risk Factors
Pre-diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean type 2 diabetes
What is all the Hoopla on Exercise?
Byetta-A New Medication for Type 2 Diabetes
Equation for Weight Loss
Low Fat Eating Tips
Healthy Eating
Carbohydrate Counting
Food Labeling

Special Announcements
Open Gym Funding Form

Sixth Annual Bristol Bay Walk
Fruit Art Contest

Useful Tools and Information
Frio Cooling Cases for Insulin or Other Medication
Proper Disposal of Lancets and Insulin Syringes

About Diabetes
Focus on Diabetes interactive site
Diagram of a Pancreas
What Is Diabetes?
What are the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes?
Are You At Risk for Developing Diabetes?
Blood Sugar Levels for Diagnosis
Self Testing Log Sheet
Diabetes Sick Day Management
CDC Fact Sheet
Alaska Diabetes Prevention and Control Program 2.9MB

Diabetes and Kidney Care
Kidney Disease

How well are your kidneys working?
Eating Right
Kidney Test Results
Nutrition and Food Labels
Nutrition and Phosphorus
Nutrition and Potassium
Nutrition and Protein
Nutrition and Sodium

Nutrition Information
Skipping Meals
Adding Spice to Your Life
Handout on Fiber
A Guide to Cooking with Popular Herbs
Carbohydrate Counting
Label Reading Tips
Weight Loss Tips

Participate in a Health Challenge!
The Active Lifestyle Program
How To Set the Accusplit Brand Pedometer

Useful Links
American Diabetes Association
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
National Diabetes Education Program
Indian Health Service
American Dietetic Association
National Institute for Health - Office of Dietary Supplements (info on different vitamins/minerals)
Lets Move

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